Experimental Ringship U.S.S. Vulcan NX-2063


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Aug 25, 2007
Schwedt/Oder, Germany



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Aug 1, 2009
I said it once and I say it again: This one has to be turned into a kit! :)

Fantastic work! You should show it to Doug Drexler! :Bravo:
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Rhaven Blaack

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Jun 12, 2009
This is a most interesting kitbash!thumbsup
I have to agree with Revell-Fan. THis should be turned into a kit!
GREAT JOB on another interesting piece of work!!!:Bravo:


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Well, I had an IBM Thinkpad and four years ago traded out for the Macbook pro, a bit more powerful than what was used by the Trek crew during the series for all their graphics:vulcan:, and the $ saved and headaches not experienced with malware, virus and spyware issues had made me wonder why non-unix based systems are so inefficient:vomit:. Almost five years out and I have a tenth of the problems I had with the Thinkpad.

But then again, some people equate frustration with betterment. :punch: I am a bit different; I value efficiency and easy of use. I do not subscribe to the new customer service model values by Windows based systems, which is beat test on customers and patch it up when there's enough complaints; as well as loose coding that encourages back door hacks and malware integration :cigar:. I have a Dell desktop and a Mac laptop now, both admittedly seriously out of date, and I have not a hint of the headaches of PCs with my unix-cousin system.

The only complaint I have is with the limited 3D software and with pdo access.:borg:

On the Trek series, Mac's power, in music and graphics, ran all four series, but paper modeling hadn't caught on much back then, as it has today. More's the loss; paper modeling would provide good material for the combined model/digital forums of the period.

But that's just the Irish approach...:hurting:

Maybe not cool but less headaches....:redeye:

We save our tempers for kings and Cromwellians....:King:
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Apr 6, 2013
That limited acess with 3D products and .PDO's is what makes them useless to me. I do too much with CAD and not having a computer that can run what I run would mean breaking out the French curves, Compass and Rule. These days, that's kind of a lot to ask for, buy me, I'm shiny and cool, but cannot do 3D or open a .PDO file, whatever that is, but hey, you can get a French curves, Compass and Rule for that, and a drawing table. I also have made every computer I have owned, except for one Laptop my son has had for 3 years, with "0" problems. I loath Dell computers, I can't see how you could have ever purchased one of those bloated computers. I made a lot of money wiping that stuff out. That was your malware integration. Dell is malware, with a P.C. attached.

I have run Norton 360 and have not had a virus in 10 years. Simple processes like setting Firefox to wipe all cookies, except what you select, upon closing, takes care of 90% of the problems. Open an email from someone you don't know, well your .ISP provider should have caught that! You're putting a lot of P.C.'s that more to do with the user than the machine.

I hate what Steve Jobs did to Disney. I can't stand Pixar, all their Animation looks the same. The same goes with Star Trek. Lightwave would have been a better alternative. Babylon 5, Voyager (one of the Best Star Trek series), and Battlestar Galactica, to name a few, were done in Lightwave. I'm not sure if it was coded for Apple's products at that time, though it is now, I believe, not sure. I don't have use for anything Apple, though I check in to look and see occasionally. The amount of entertainment that uses Mac's/Apple vs. P.C. is skewed in P.C.'s favor. In the real world, were things are actually made, Apples are a fruit you eat. You throw the core in the trash bin when finished. I have never seen a "Mac" run a CNC machine, there are some Pay for programs, bundles for $600 bucks. Why, I don't know, when Rhino will export in many CAM languages and the proprietary software of the machine will do the rest, (G and M codes). You will never see this in a Fortune 500 company, like Sikorsky, or Pratt and Whitney. I think that's what bothers me about Mac's, there is an illusion going on. They are not as useful as P.C.'s are. They haven't been, if they ever were. I learned APL (A Programing Language), one of the first, in 1973. Then Basic then Fortran, played with ASCE up to ASCEII for a short time, then went into proprietary coding, nowhere, along the line, was Apple considered anything but a toy, in the manufacturing world, that is. Whatever floats your boat! :)


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Well, We may want to move this convo to off the thread so we don't muddle Marko's contributions. I am not as much a cheerleader as you for my equip, as I am more of a PC hater than Mac lover, but I am a fan of D-Whales.

So back to the point, that's for the ring, Marko. I might try scratch building Roddenberry's Ring Enterprise!


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Jun 30, 2012
Wow, they book look so awesome. I wonder what the ship would look like if the Sovereign's Saucer section was removed.