electric trottle controls

Bill Nelson

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Dec 15, 2008
Clarksville Tn
I have a three non standard RC projects I am strugling with, and I have not found a satisfying souloution for controlling the power to the electric motor on any of them.

The first project is a G scale rail truck. I am using a 12 volt sagami motor, but the throttle control I have is made for a RC car, and limits the reverse power to half, which is not enough to reliably start the motor on this mechanism which is geared down to a farethewell, so I need a control unit that will do 12 volts in forward and reverse.

The second project is my roman Bireme, there are pictures of it in the plane and boat section in the show us the pictures of your boats thread. I built a rowing mechanism that worked, but it was too heavy and swamped the boat. for the next mechanism I am working I need a super light weight motor controller. I was originally hoping to have seterate mechanims for the right and left oar banks, but will for go that to keep weight down. that system may run off of 3 or six volts, still working on gathering the parts, but again I need to have full power available in both forward and reverse.

My third project is a 1860's sidewheeler steam boat, which could probably benifit from 12 volts with equal power available in power for forward and reverse, any sugestions about equipment and vendors would be appreciated.