Same method as I do for the dinosaur skulls, paint rough polygon layout on the sculpt then re-topo over
I never get precise with this which is why there's a few issues to iron out including N-gons


Made some progress on the torso too but I think I'll have to shelve this project for a while to focus on other commitments. I'll sneak in bits of work when I can.


Kind of like a cage for 3 weird birds, a pair of lung parrots and a heart budgerigar

Just like Barbie any decent skeleton warrior needs accessories.
Not sure how I'm going to do these yet. Hard surface modelling not really my thing, prefer making organic stuff.


Don't know if I'm going with a Xiphos or Kopis style sword but I'm not going to get too hung up on historical accuracy. Also want items to be a bit beat up. I could be wrong but I don't think skeletons are known for maintaining their equipment :).