Boy, the eyes look great! Is this a texture or did you add a light source inside or around the eye ball?
The circular eye highlights are a fake. Not real reflections but a mesh that hugs the eyeball and rotates to point at a controller (the star shaped wireframe controllers in the screengrab in post #350). The same controller can also be scaled to fade the highlight in/out.

This is mostly due to me using the Eevee renderer which unlike Cycles, (mostly) doesn't do real reflections. I was getting good results with reflection maps but as other people might be using this as an asset I wanted a more controllable system.

I’m having a go at making a realtime version of the Rudolph scene for Sketchfab. Got this idea to make a sort of snowglobe but with stars. Not sure if it’ll work, I’ll see how I get on.
Wanted to get this on Sketchfab earlier but I've had a shocking cold, doesn't take much to knock me down these days :).

Baby Rudolph Christmas scene on Sketchfab

Couldn't match the fur specular as well as I wanted. Maybe if I could focus, anyway this'll do
Wrestled with sketchfab's refraction settings but didn't like the effect, in the end I just made the corneas completely invisible.