CNWman's Gauge Party Entry


Jan 4, 2007
The Riverside Railroad
...or something close. Because the entires must be made from scrapbox parts or those sprue thingies (I think), I came up with this thing:

THis is NOT anywhere CLOSE to the finished building, but it's a mock up to put me back on the list after my sister kicked me off:curse: Anyways, It's made to be a small railroad themed store (model train store maybe:rolleyes:) because that odd sprue hanging off the front kinda looks like a banjo crossing sign. The giant "Dockers" thing is from a leagal pad, and I thought it would make a nice sign. The black sprues on the fron represent bike racks, the silver screws represent some decor, and on the back, the red/black thing is support for the giant sign. some sprues are also supporting the structure itself. If I do start to make this a real building, I'll probably sub in styrine for the cardboard.