Beta-Builders sub-forum idea


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Mar 17, 2007
Ark City, Kansas
I was struck with an interesting idea (and don't worry, I got its plate, so it won't get away with this!)...

What if we had a dedicated sub-forum for beta-builders? A place where people who needed a beta-builder could ask for one, or for people who like to beta-test models could check for new ones. This way if someone needs a beta-builder, they know where to look. And of course, some of us like to test out new models and help the creator find the mistakes he missed on his own go-around.


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Apr 6, 2013
I think you mean a section for people announcing their availability to do Beta Builds. I got kind of screwed on this once. The person never even tried to do the model, then told me it was to complicated. I never released it, and asked him to delete it immediately. I still hope he did, I mean, Geez, after 6 months, you think you'd hear something.. They should be forum regulars. I may make that a requirement as I do not want possible problems with people who just want to get a model no one has, and the Designer would have to be a regular poster, like Milleniumfalsehood, He has my trust, as do many others. There are some people that call themselves designers, but their models aren't worth the effort. Fortunately, none of them are here!! :)
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Aug 15, 2013
Austria - Carinthia
I think that such a section for "trustworthy" members could make sense.
For sure both, the creators of new models as well as the beta builders should be prooved before they are able to participate.

Even "feedback-rules" should be defined. It is not enough to say "it is too complicated". A detailed feedback is necessary to
help the developer to release the model.