Bachman On30 Climaxfor 0n3 conversion

Bill Nelson

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Dec 15, 2008
Clarksville Tn
A couple of years ago I bought a Bachman On30 Climax with sound and DCC. I had always wanted an On3 Climax, but the brass ones were very expensive, so when I had an opportunity to get the On30 unit on sale, I could not resist picking up the Bachman unit with sound, as it was about an $ 800 savings off of the Brass equivalent.

The detail on the Bachman model is equal to , or better than the Brass Climaxes I have seen, although some of those details will be fragile

When Bachman designed the Climax model they scaled it just right. If you ordered a 30 inch gauge Climax from the manufacturer , they did not build a special truck, they took the standard three foot truck, and pushed the wheels in on the axles to get the proper gauge. since the Bachman truck is properly scaled, there is room on the axle to push the wheels out to 3 foot gauge, and all you have to do to complete the conversion is adjust the electrical pick ups to fit the displaced wheels.

the procedure I have read recommended removing the axles one at a time ( the gears fit on the axle in apposite directions on each axle in the truck, and if you reversed the position of the axles the truck will turn in the opposite direction). With the axle removed A NSWL puller can be used to move the wheels out, checking them with an On3 NMRA standards gauge until they are both in gauge for ON3, and equal distant from the end of the axle. then that axle is replaced in the truck, and you proceed to the next.

Nice detail, parts to set it up as a wood, coal or oil burner, good running locomotive (under dcc-dc operation less satisfying); and great sound.