Afrikakorps - micro diorama in the walnut (1: 200)


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Jan 3, 2010
Afrikakorps - micro diorama in the walnut (1: 200)

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As in previous years, this year I am adding another micro diorama in a walnut. My past dioramas in the walnut was:

-The Farm (1:150)
-First Aid (1: 200)
-Ford GPA (1: 150)

The competition was organized by, it has not been announced this year and it has probably definitely ended due to fraud in the voting ... I will try to continue.
The essence of this competition was to glue a model of any technique and place it in a walnut shell so that it could be completely closed. I stayed with the military theme, I just tried to work the other side - the Afrikakorps camp.
In walnut I tried to create the following diorama:
The story takes place in the north Africa during World War II and displays the camp Afrikakorps.
In the lower half of the walnut is car Opel Blitz, on the car has loaded engine from the Tiger tank, which being checked by a technician.
The car sank into the sand soldiers trying to get out of the sand. She stopped by them motorcycle patrol on the BMW R75, a courier passes in front of the car,he has new orders in his briefcase from the main tent ...
In the upper half of the walnut the camp itself is located, commander overthe map parses the current situation on the front ...

In the diorama I used the following models (free models from the internet):
-Opel Blitz type 3.6-36 S
-Accessories from the model Opel Blitz type 3.6-6700A
-BMW R75 (all models from R&P Models)
-I'm finally in the walnut used 10 pieces of soldiers.

As in previous years, I glued the walnut to the stem of a cup with an ngraved name ... This walnut also got pedestal.

A few photos:


... one more common photo of all the walnuts:

konecne foto DSCN4067.jpg

... and finally a presentation video as with other walnuts, where there are more photos:



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Apr 6, 2013
Now that's a nut anyone would like to crack!! :)