a show of gratitiude


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Sep 1, 2023
hey guys
this might be a bit of a ramble, but bare with me here. Id firstly like to say thankyou to the guys here, mainly @Rhaven Blaack and @ARMORMAN as without them, i may never have found out about this 'genre' of card kits and would never EVER have gotten to do something I wished to do for a long time.
The beginning of this tale starts with my interest in tabletop gaming, RPG and well, kits. Back when i were a wee nipper I discovered the world of Citadel Miniatures, by that most loved (ahem) of companies, Games Workshop, back in the day of Rogue Trader and basic lead minis. I was hooked, and since then, to this day (ish) ive been a lifelong gamer and collector. Roll on a few years, after I had been ill myself with Leukemia and other lovely stuff I met my wife Ally and became the parent to 5 kids, my youngest of whom 'Damon' would come also to love tabletop gaming and particularly Games Workshop stuff. Over the years he went on to own and play (pretty well too) an army called the 'Blood Angels'. Again years passed and he got older, but alongside that he ended up with his own health problems, namely MS. He managed this pretty well (with alot of sarcasm) until 2019m when out of the blue our world fell apart, and he passed away at the age of 27.
It took me a l o n g time to get back to a point where i could do kits again, mainly over the last year or so. I built a Revell version of the Black Pearl ship (that we had talked about doing) for him, and with a friend of mine (who helped care for him & is also a bigtime gamer) discussed building a Titan from the game in his memory. Now Titans are huge great things and as such, as standard with Games Workshop they have a huge price tag, and so, it became a wish and left there.
Until I found this place.
Ive kind of got back into my stride somewhat (as many of you have seen from my builds) and was stunned to learn of the GW 'genre' of kits in a thread pointed out by RB run by a certain Armorman :eek:
Oh My.

I never EVER thought I would find myself doing anything GW related again, but with this groups help I have managed to get back into my groove, discover the GW 'genre' and well, go a bit nuts lol (hence the hasty building lol) putting together a fresh new set of BLOOD ANGELS my youngest (I hope) would be loving (he loved anything tabletop gaming, particularly his Blood Angels)
Not only that, but in amongst Amormans thread I found the files marked 'TITANS'.......oh my.....
Thanks (again) to you guys, the wish of building my youngest a Titan in his honour is no longer a wish. My next (long term) project for his army will be a Warhound Titan painted in Blood Angels markings and also decorated with the icons of some of his favourite metal bands.
The kit is printed and prepped, the supplies are in, and ill (try) and take my time to build it slowly logging it all as I go.
I just was to post this show of gratitude, and ask that if im not heard from again ive fallen down a deep, deep rabbit hole. :toast::biggrin:
I am glad to know that I was a positive influence on you.
You are off to a very good start with these models. I have only one suggestion. Paint the edges of the parts prior to assembling them. It will help with the aesthetics and overall look. These templates have a great deal of greebling potential and are (also) great for practice greebling techniques.
Thats a nice and hard story you shared with us. Its always hard to loose a child. But the power you have is a gift to us all. I know you will build a great titan and Im looking forward to see your build thread.
Glad I could be of service, although I would like to point toward the Ukrainian designers who have spearheaded the majority of the designs people are making. Patoroch and Denys Tsiokhla, in particular (and this is not intended to slight all you other designers out there). Denys has made a 35mm scale Reaver Titan model for DL.
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