a new mini HON3 layout started

Bill Nelson

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Dec 15, 2008
Clarksville Tn
have resolved my technical issues, can no longer post from the I pad, or transfer photos from it to the desk top, but I found an easy way to resize pictures from my phone

bugtustle ststion close  up.jpg
The Bugtustle station , and the beginning of the upper business district

Bugtustle station.jpg

the same shot a bit farther out

bugtustle lower busines district.jpg

the lower business district. the white stuff at the bottom of the frame is wax paper. I'm glueing foam boulders on the removable scenery plug. I didn't want the white glue tp bond the removable section to the rest of the layout

ore cars on the  trestle.jpg
I've grabbed a bunch of small buildings off my big HO layout to fill out the business districts

showing  the  new  arched bridge.jpg
am carving arched foam bridge