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    Last one...?

    I am also resigning my moderator duties. I do hope to remain as a member. I think Sumpter's post in this thread: sums it up pretty well. Andrew
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    Roadbed in the Yards?

    You might consider having it only slightly lower, to enhance the look/realism (if desired) and to prevent any rolling stock from escaping (also as per the prototype). If you run your mainline on "full height" cork roadbed (about 1/4"), then you might look for 3/16 or 1/8 thick cork mat to put...
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    Am I getting to old?

    Ronson, I've quoted this line many times before, but for me it captures the reason for modelling as well as any other explanation: "Mine is the truest form of nostalgia - the fond memory of something never experienced." - Andy Sperandeo That's why I am modelling the 1930s, which...
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    Prototype paint question

    One place where there might be a difference is if the roofs were unpainted galvanized steel, and the roofwalks were painted with some other anti-slip and/or anti-rust paint during regular maintenance... But whether this actually occurred is another thing entirely...! ;) Andrew
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    History Channel - another Train Series!!!

    Hi Rob, History Channel in the US is not linked to the one in Canada. I have not had any success finding any sort of predictable connection between what's available in the US and Canada. Andrew
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    The Misplaced Fans of RR's

    What do you do when you're displaced in time? ;) :D Andrew
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    Camera Help

    Squid - I agree that poorly placed shadows that work against what you are trying to do are not good...! :) Josh - Don't underestimate iPhoto. It is pretty powerful, and can correct a number of problems, but with any software from free to $$$, don't forget "garbage in - garbage out". Start...
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    Is it possible...

    Nope... terrible! Pack it up and send it to me immediately...! ;) :D sign1 Great stuff. Nevermind the pig, this was much better! Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Andrew
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    Can wood filler be used for creating HO road surfaces?

    Can't think of why you shouldn't. My preference for portable things is lightweight spackle, which comes premixed in a tub, looking like whipped dessert topping. Dries to a foamy textured solid, and can be sanded or carved somewhat. One thing I would think about with wood filler is applying it...
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    new boy aroud + question

    They are strung with a very stretchable "wire" that is supposed to avoid this problem. Maybe you could swing a free set in exchange for a "certified grandson-proof" stamp of approval...! ;) :D Andrew
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    Submitting to MR and MRC?

    Thanks for the clarification. As you say - the devil is in the details, and then there's the additional layer of real world practicality layered over the fine print...! :rolleyes: Andrew
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    Armoured Train

    Wow...! That brass beast with the "gun pilot" is fantastic. Are these scratch builds? Great work! :thumb: Andrew
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    Camera Help

    One point about lighting from above - Squid said to avoid deep shadows. I would disagree on this point. If you look at the dioramas that are shot under natural light, there can be deep shadows, and it is a "hallmark" of natural light (i.e. single point - the sun). As he pointed out, you do...
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    Submitting to MR and MRC?

    I think railohio and Russ have covered it... by accepting that your work will be published (with or without payment) you generally relinquish your right to that work, including photos. The aforementioned Mike Hamer just discovered his layout from MRP 2001 and GMR 2004 has been repackaged...
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    Submitting to MR and MRC?

    Josh, Couple more thoughts for you... If you submit anything anywhere, consider it gone as well. You will not be able to publish something in MR that was previously published, even if you didn't get paid. One, no one wants "old news", and two, your submission(s) may become the property of...
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    Google Earth

    You will not be able to see the back unless that information is in the databse. And pictures of private property from viewpoints that aren't public are not usually well received... Is there a commuter line or Amtrak train you can ride past these buildings? ;) :D Andrew
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    Camera Help

    Glad to help. I bet it's available as a download at samsung... Andrew
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    Camera Help

    In order to adjust any of those settings, your camera will need some sort of manual override setting. Sometimes listed as "M" on the dial or switch that selects all the other modes (sports, landscape, portrait, etc are common "semi-automatic" settings). Sometimes it is listed as "C" for custom -...
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    new boy aroud + question

    Welcome! I wonder if Modellers' Choice in Hamilton has any you can look at in person? The only drawback I see is if you need less of a run that what they have strung together. Cutting them short would seem to undo one of the greatest benefits of having them pre-strung...? Andrew
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    My 3 pictures of 6069.

    Good news! Andrew