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    power pack

    I also have some older locos (DC) that will never get converted to DCC, but I still like to run them every now & then. So I "converted" my layout to be "dual mode"-both DC and DCC (only one mode at a time). by the addition of a single DPDT toggle switch. Now I got the best of all worlds...!!
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    strange loco running

    Is this a DC or DCC loco..?? Gus
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    power pack

    Sorry for not getting back to y'all sooner. Rather than try and explaining the very basics, I found a good overview of DCC. Here's a link to it. If you need more info, or clarification of some aspect, feel free to post and I'll do my...
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    power pack

    Mark....Have you considered using DCC..?? It's the best control system if you're thinking about multiple train operations. It certainly simplifies the wiring (only 2 wires going to your track...) It's pricier, but well worth the additional cost. Good luck to you..!!
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    Qestion About Building Structures For Scratch

    Give it a try....You'll like it..!! I built this roundhouse to fit my turntable (Walthers) and available space. I started by doing EXACT drawings, and going from there. The only commercial items used were the stripped wood siding, and the side and back windows (which I bashed 2 into 1). It was...
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    Revell/Concor Big Boy

    I converted a B'mann 2-8-0 using the Bowser conversion drive...They're not anything to write home about. I spent a lot of work on it and couldn't make more than a mediocre runner out of it....
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    I noticed some suspicious activity going on here...What are those 3 guys burying..?? Looks to me they're trying to pull a fast one on the EPA....:mrgreen:
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    What type of road bed do you use?

    Doc... That Shay is a work of art...
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    What type of road bed do you use?

    Cork...and sometimes 1/4" ply.
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    Signs & Billboards

    Thanks for posting these...I've been looking for some of these signs to put on some of my buildings....Now I'm gonna need a whole city..!!
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    Maintenance rail car - hand made

    I've been in the hobby longer than I care to remember, and I certainly could not come up with this out of "nothing"... As they say..."When you've got it...You got it.." Excellent job..!!
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    China made, heads up problems with plastic

    So...Are there still structure manufacturers outside of China..?? If there are alternatives, which ones would be good to "patronize" and boycott the Ch'ese garbage..??
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    Thanks for the additional pics & the track plan...That is some great modeling..!! :thumb:
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    WoW...Those are some terrific scenes....Let's see so' more. :thumb: And maybe a trackplan..??
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    Oldies but Goodies. The Old Stuff.

    I just happen to have one of those watermelon Ambroid car kits. Have had it for several years. One of these days I'll get around to building it...:mrgreen:
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    Come on back to the caboose and get a cup of coffee [or sweet ice tea] - Part VII

    ...And a Merry Christmas to you both...:mrgreen:
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    Eastern Tn logging on the DG CC & W RR 1928

    That being the case, you will need to do some poking around to find the gremlin in the works...
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    Eastern Tn logging on the DG CC & W RR 1928

    If that 2-8-0 is a DC engine, the brushes need to be isolated from the frame in order to run on a DCC layout.
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    Finish Question

    I'm not familiar with the Krylon matte, but you can't go wrong with the Dullcote. Just use it in a well ventilated area...
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    ACTRR my be dismantled and re-constructed

    Mike....That's great work..!! I wanna be like you when I grow up...:mrgreen: