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  1. jbaakko

    Chalk for weathering?

    Plain chalks are kind of hard to use, they tend to blow away easy. However, I use earth tones (browns, tans, reddish browns), plus white, gray & black. Weathering powders are much easier to use. The powder sticks better.
  2. jbaakko

    Fullerton, Ca. Railroad Days canceled.

    McDonald's, so more people can get fatter easier. They have not announced anything yet, which is sad, I was all ready to head up there this year.
  3. jbaakko

    Collectible Kits?

    I want Uptown Motors, and the Assembly plant (if you look at the photo, they actually have the picture of those two kits backwards!).
  4. jbaakko

    Railway Design Associates...

    RDA kits are mostly comprised of former Ertl kits. If you can find the Ertl versions, they have the same RDA logo, but also have an Ertl logo.
  5. jbaakko

    Train Shows Increasing

    Is that really possible?
  6. jbaakko

    Weekly photo fun 11/28

    JoAnn Fabrics! It's in with the other iron on stuff. When you cut the strips, the thin white backing should slide off, then you can glue it on the cars. Make sure you glue it on with the shinny side out!
  7. jbaakko

    Boxcar Surfing !

    Could you have linked it w/o the pay site train orders re-direct?
  8. jbaakko

    Weekly photo fun 11/28

    Pan Am Boxcar, MEC 32026, getting replacement reflective stripes. These ones actually reflect! The darker yellow stripe above the M is the painted on version (Athearn car), the lower two are the real reflective tape.
  9. jbaakko

    ebay selling....

    I find it amusing that international mail cost so little now, though the recent hike, added some to it, it was worse with the prior hike before that. $3.50 in the US, to AZ from CA, then I send the SAME item, packed the same way to Canada for $.99!
  10. jbaakko

    Bachmann Dynamis Review

    Great review, I was debating buying one for my dad, looks like I'll just got NCE Powercab.
  11. jbaakko

    ebay selling.... Check them out, the more we support them the better the site will get.
  12. jbaakko

    Weekly photo fun 11/28

    I've been promising Josh (trucklover) that I'd upload some shots of my further work on the oil loading platforms destined for my layout. And, some Dash 9 side frame work. BNSF Dash 9's commonly have 3 exposed roller bearings on one side of the truck, and only the center exposed on the...
  13. jbaakko

    Real Bullet Trains to come to America

    Amtrak's been running "test" trains on the LA-Las Vegas corridor, IIRC with funding from California & Nevada. Honestly, I'd love to take a high speed train to Seattle!
  14. jbaakko

    Submitting to MR and MRC?

    Josh, honestly, I'd recommend submitting to: Its Joe Fugate's new online magazine. Joe will work with you on the article too, if you need it.
  15. jbaakko

    Post "Current Shots" of Fallen Flag Freight HERE:

    And lastly, SOME MORE... I was cropping, resizing, and uploading today, discovered there were still left over shots from April that I have not edited... :thumb:
  16. jbaakko

    RIP Shamus

    Man that's sad news. Not sure what to say, he was a great modeler.