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    Accurized TOS Battlestar Galactica Launch Rail

    Beautiful work what a difference from the original parts!!
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    Coral armada | BN-06 Furius Dropship | Jan Rükr

    The Furius is a Beautiful looking ship than you so much for sharing the model with us Alien 99.
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    Hello from Tom.

    Hi Guys, Thank you for such a warm welcome I am very grateful I appreciate being part of such a friendly group thank you for making me feel at home here. I will post some photos of my models soon. Tom
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    Free Sci-Fi paper models

    Spendlik's models are amazing. His Dreadnaught is a fantastic piece of card engineering. I look forward to his Robo Jox model and the Batwing which is a favourite of mine, I have a model in the other material and his paper interpretation will be a work of art.
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    Hello from Tom.

    I have had a passion for building scale models since I was a teenager. Over the past few years i have had the pleasure of building card models provided graciously by the talented designers here and on the web. My main interests are Sc-Fi Spaceships and Robots and also Steam Locomotives. I have...
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    Flying Scotsman Harris Edge Showcase card model wanted

    Hello I am looking for an old kit produced in 1969 in the Harris Edge Showcase series the Flying Scotsman, I am hoping that someone might have one in their stash of unbuilt models, Sincerely Tom Scotland UK