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    Making log cars????

    Bill, its a hobby we do for fun and it does not need any time restriction put on it. Work at your pace and enjoy it when you can. If you want something to show for the time being I have used an old trick of taking a picture glued to a piece of foam core and then gluing it to a couple of skewers...
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    Lake Terminal RR. 66’ gondola of 1899

    Bernhard, this is the first time I'm seeing your work and it looks great, I like how you break things down logically and proceed only when sure. I was wondering if when finished will these units need to be weighted to meet NMRA standards, if so will you do this with a load simulation or some...
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    New Desktop Layout

    Scott, I like you build my layout more for scenery and structures, not so much for operation. In the original post you said "it goes around basically a circle, so I wanted a little more of a layout" although you have added more track, it still is just that, a longer version of a basic circle, I...
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    Making log cars????

    Guys, the 3 part series from free rails is the one I have saved and bought the parts to make them, but have too many other projects going right now to start another. Thanks for all the info, Pat:thumb:
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    New Podcast

    Shaun I would like to look around your > Model Railroad Layout Database but keep getting a password request and don't see anywhere to sign up???? Thanks Pat
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    New to N scale and First Major Layout questions

    Matt, I sent you a PM message let me know if interested OK? Pat
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    Help Identify This Tool This is a cutter made by Doctor Bens here is the link. Pat
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    Not-so-ezdays for Ezdays

    Don, come on you slacker get out that bed, if you needed to take a nap you could have found a cheaper place to do it. I sincerely hope all goes very smoothly for your quick return, and hope your family brings you all the comfort you will need. Be well, Pat
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    woodland scenic risers for helix?

    Guys you could use the WS stuff to make the grade and put 1/4" plywood on top of the riser with parts sticking out supported with a couple pieces of wood back down to the table. I believe if you look in the catalog in the foam section it shows something very much like this. Pat
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    Authentic Logs!

    Tj, I wonder do you show your layout to non smokers? I for one can smell a smoker from far away so if you invite folks in it might offend some. Just a thought. Pat
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    Walk Thu Module

    Bill, why so official (Belg aka Pat) did you forget me already? We met at last years show where you won the award for your module with the canyon theme. I would love to see a closeup picture of the current safety interlock and your new solution if possible, Thanks Pat
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    Walk Thu Module

    Bill, I remember this from your first posting and meant to ask you is there a safety build into it so the trains don't run into the abbyss?? Thanks Pat
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    layout progress & engine pics

    Who makes that lpgf? Is it a Preiser? Thanks Pat
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    Tools Mike, if you want a top of the line saw this is the unit, I don't think there is anything better on the market. I wish I had the money to buy one but maybe for Christmas this year, I better start leaving hints for Santa now, Pat.
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    McGiffert Log Loader

    Bill, that is truly inspirational in Nscale. looks like the operator abondened his post though!! LOL Pat
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    McGiffert Log Loader

    I see no pic at all?????
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    flock gun This is the only one I found, Pat
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    mad at ebay!!!

    Guys, it comes down to, this is the world we live in today autimated(sp) I'm a firm believer that if the item goes over the price your willing to pay, have patience there will be another sooner or later. I like a bargain like anyone else and use self control to stay on budget. I have seen SOOOOO...
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    Logging Pictures From Jim T.

    Jim here is a site you might want to check out before starting your reference webpage, Marc is a fellow forum member on another forum and he does a great job with his website, he has tons of other stuff still not yet posted so if you are looking for...
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    New comer

    Goejen Dag, Erne, tis lang geleden dat ik in het Vlaamse moost schruiven en het is heel moeilijk. I'll change back to English or else I'll never get this done, I immigrated to the states when I was 9 and have only been back to Belgie 2x since 1970 so you can see why it would be hard. A great...