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    Eight Bells, I stand relieved

    Well said, Sumpter. Loren
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    I don't understand. The mods are volunteers. As far as I know, there is no compensation for being a mod. Why should there be a rule against being a mod on several forums? Loren
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    I read Tompm's goodbye and he mentioned Crowdgatherers rule. Anybody know what that is ? Seems to have something to do with this. Loren
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    I know. I have been wondering about this too. It also seems like there's not half the post there usually are this time of year. I have wondered how forums die. Now we know. They were taken over by crowdgatherers. Loren
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    End of the line...

    Dang, another one bites the dust. Dino, I don't know what to say except :cry: Loren
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    No longer moderating

    Thank you for all the help, Ralph. I hope you still hang around. Loren
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    That's to bad Larry. Hope you will still be around. Loren
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    Stepping Down

    I am glad your still hanging around. Loren
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    Bowser USRA Lt Mikado, Deluxe Kit (Lord help me)

    Good luck.:yep: But I wish it was me doing it :twisted: This sounds like it's gonna be a great thread:mrgreen: Loren
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    Signing on: steinjr from Norway, modelling Mpls 1957 H0 scale

    Welcome aboard Stein. Glad you joined us. Loren
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    Christmas video

    I think it is a nice, fun video. It's sad that some people feel the need to be mean :cry:. Loren
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    Christmas video

    Hijacked this from another forum. Great model railroad Christmas video and the music isn't bad either:mrgreen:. Loren
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    steamer mtc.

    You said you cleaned the wheels. This probably sounds corny, but have you cleaned the track? It sounds like a classic case of dirty track or wheels. Loren
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    Snowdog Express

    A great looking train and for great cause :thumb: Loren
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    Newbie -- model builder program

    Welcome aboard. Yours is a very timely post. I have had that program in mind for awhile and will be interested in how you like it. As far as cardstock goes, I think it is a great option for a layout, especially for background buildings. I bought two from Scalescenes and like the way they look...
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    HO paper models that I made :)

    That freight house is great! Thanks! Loren
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    Bowser Deluxe Kits?

    I did a couple loco kits back in the 70's and remember having a ball with them. Good luck and hope you do it. Loren
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    The Misplaced Fans of RR's

    I guess I am lucky. There are two big military bases in my area, so the lhs stocks road names from all over:mrgreen: Loren
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    How would you wire lights?

    None of the above. Street lights are on all night, so that would be one circuit. Factories and businesses that are open all night would be another circuit. And then each house would have its own switch. Loren
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    My new industrial layout

    Hi Jesso:wave: and thank you. The trees are homemade. I cut up a fake Xmas tree i bought cheap, made some dark green ground foam, sprayed the "tree" with some adhesive and rolled the tree in the ground foam:mrgreen:. Instant tree. They actually look a lot better in person then in the...