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  1. Zeebeest


    Hi, I finished my first Predator yesterday. It's the first card model I actually finished. I still use foamcore as a basis just so it can stand the rigours of gaming. I'm pleased with the result, but still have to learn not to be so dirty and a little more accurate. But hey, it's a learning...
  2. Zeebeest

    My first Landspeeder.

    Progress Hi, I've been working on my landspeeder some more and it starts looking like one now. Still making alot of mistakes but keeping them in mind, I'll do beter next time. Just have to detail the bottom and add a few details (and weapons of course) and it'll be ready to paint (hopefully...
  3. Zeebeest

    heavy flamer

    Hi, Has anyone ever build a Heavy Flamer for space Marines? And if so how did you do it? And where did you get it? Thanks.
  4. Zeebeest

    My first Landspeeder.

    Hi, Finished a couple of pieces for my Landspeeder. They don't look quite the way they should, but still, I'm sticking with it. I have a question. How do you make shure the edges stay sharp. If you score them they have a small gap in them (and I score very gently). As always, any response...
  5. Zeebeest

    My first Landspeeder.

    Hi, Silver... Seeing your Landspeeder is so depressing. And I mean that in a good way. It's the first time I really try scratch building, apart from a droppod, and I really suck at it. Seeing your work and that of a few others, ah man! Got to stick with it! Practice makes art right...
  6. Zeebeest

    My first Landspeeder.

    Hi, I started building a Landspeeder from plans I found on the web. After some building it didn't turn out the way I wanted. The straight panels were curving and the details didn't come out that well. So I started over, but this time doing it my way. As you can see I addded some ridgidity...
  7. Zeebeest

    test picture

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  8. Zeebeest

    test picture

    just to test putting up a picture. just a test.
  9. Zeebeest

    ARMORMAN's WARHAMMER 40K Models Thread

    Hi, I'm not able to download any of these since last night. It always displays the message that the file is no longer available or the permission has been removed. What can I do about this? Thanks.
  10. Zeebeest

    what materials to use?

    thank you very much. And for removing the other post too.
  11. Zeebeest

    Eldar Wave Serpent

    Hi, First of all, Very nice work!!! Secondly, perhapse a dumb question, but do any of you paint the models or is that not done on card models. Again, very nice work!
  12. Zeebeest

    what materials to use?

    Hi, This question has probably been asked a lot, but what materials do I use for my models? I recently started building models for Warhammer 40k and other tabletop wargames. I mainly use foamcore and drawing paper, because its stronger than normal paper but still easy to cut and glue. Since I...
  13. Zeebeest


    Hi, I'm a long time warhammer and 40k player. Play a lot of boardgames and recently started 'scratch builing' stuff, mainly because everything costs an outrages amount of money. And this way i can create unique models :) See you on the web.