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    Schriber: Fishing Cutter Selma

    Er, I can see trains........ Attachment 12615 Attachment 12616 Attachment 12617 Attachment 12618 Tim
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    LCU-1600 Class Plans

    On a slightly different note, anyone running google earth might like to have a look at 53°24'17.03"N 3° 1'53.36"W . This is LCT7074, one of the last (if not THE last!) surviving LCTs used during the Normandy landings. The previous owners went into liquidation, so I am not sure what her...
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    LCU-1600 Class Plans maybe? Tim
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    'Using Rhinoceros' Discussion Thread

    Now you see why I stick to vector data!! My simple brain can handle millimeters only, so if I make a line 12 mm long, and make sure the ai file is in millimeters, and that 1 mm in the model is represented by 1 mm in the ai file (it doesn't have to, so you can build things in 'real' dimensions...
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    'Using Rhinoceros' Discussion Thread

    Or, select a view that looks straight at the unrolled surfaces; usually this will be a TOP view, unless you have rotated any of the unrolled surfaces. Select them, the 'Export Selected...' from the file menu. I do all my colouring in Coreldraw, and the best format for vectors is .ai (Adobe...
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    Graphics Software

    I think this is the reason not many people use autocad in this forum! OUR PRICE (exc. VAT): £ 3,063.11 Tim
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    Air Classique Models

    What little gems! I'm in the queue! Tim
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    Air Classique Models

    What little gems! I'm in the queue! Tim
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    Guys, I just want to thank you all...... I just finished up watching a TV program by Loius Theroux, I won't mention the subject matter, but suffice to say it was a very, very unsettling hour of TV. I needed somewhere to go to calm down a bit, and, well, here I am! Thanks for reminding me...
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    HMCS OTTAWA II / Ex HMS Griffin - Question

    Oh, I am so tempted to post a pic of Mrs Tiggywinkle...... Tim
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    Pepakura tutorial

    Vector/bitmap Ref bitmaps, I really am the wrong person to advise, I avoid them if I possibly can and stick to vector format work; I use Rhino, pepakura and coreldraw exclusively, and now maybe SketchUp, so I can't give any sensible advise on this issue. Any 'painters' out there that can...
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    Pepakura tutorial

    OK, SketchUp to Pepakura; piece of cake!!! Draw a rectangle in SketchUp Extrude it to a block Put some textures on it Modify it, put some more textures on it, Save it as a kmz file, making sure it is version 4, Open the kmz file in Pepakura version 2...
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    Pepakura tutorial .cob is a caligari file type. Sorry, I don't know anything about that program, other than that it is a 3D modelling package. Anyone else? How are you getting on with SketchUp? Tim
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    Pepakura tutorial

    That is one of the reasons I prefer using vector data, you can scale it as big or small as you like without loosing any resolution. I'd be inclined to make the model in SketchUp, unfold it in Pepakura, export the unfolded data as an ai file then import that into your paint program at whatever...
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    Pepakura tutorial

    Trouble with using meshes from games is they are designed for games, animation, rapid rendering and so forth. They often make a very poor basis for paper models as edges are not aligned, elements pass through each other, they are often really crude (ie low number of polygons) and rely on the...
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    I get paid to do it!

    Ho Ho! My old man used to make models of transition ducting on supersonic intakes for design assessments while he worked on Concorde, and son of Concorde. Always extremely useful, his models often helping to solve things, explain, help designers visualise what was going on. 'Wow, Al, great...
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    Thunderbirds live!! Who's going to be first with a paper one? Tim
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    Bristol Beaufighter T.F.Mk.X

    I opened them in Coreldraw, worked fine, except the colours were changed somewhat. Since I mean to recolour it anyway, no problem! I think Gee Chens intention to allow recolouring is a very generous and enlightened thing to do, and I know there will plenty here who appreciate this facility! Tim
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    Bristol Beaufighter T.F.Mk.X

    Me too, me too, me too!!!! Tim
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    what are you making

    I build them all in my head, magnificent they all are, too. No glue smudges, no wrinkles, no white edges, just perfect. Then I wake up. I start quite a few, but then real life gets in the way and my butterflyitis flares up again, and I'm off on a different tangent. What I REALLY need is a...