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    putting down turnouts and rail lines

    Markp: Don't put nails in the middle of the ties. If they don't break them, they bend them and put the rails out of gauge. I put my spikes or nails on the outside of the rails, between the ties. They are next to invisible* and hold the track well. Usually I put one on each side. Best are spiles...
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    Remember Mel Thornburgh ?

    dw: I don't have much going that far back (I was only 2 months old then) but Kalmbach has apparently released all 75 years of MR on a CD or DVD for a measly $200.
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    Old wooden models

    Sorry, no idea.
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    Old wooden models

    Hi. I know that Suydam has been gone for a long time. I have a partly finished Car barn. I think Campbell and Quality Craft are also out of business but I'm not sure. Muir models I don't know. Jordan might still be around.
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    Hello from the Great White North.

    Welcome Blue Flamer. I spent my teenage years in Thistletown. I started with N back when it was OOO but I moved to OO about 30 years ago. I just relaid one station in Peco fine scale with electrofrogs -- I had to find a fine chisel tip for my soldering iron to do it.
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    Athearn rubber bands

    The locos used the bands to hold the trucks on. On the dummies (well, my RDC dummy) there was a little rubber tube bit that went over the metal spigot that the truck turned on. This could be made from some heat shrink insulation or a bit of regular insulation if big enough. Side note: when N...
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    Prototypical Tram tracks?

    If you're doing a search, the rail is called Girder rail. I haven't seen Interurban for a couple of years -- we don't seem to go to the same shows anymore.
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    Atlas points

    James: I'm not familiar with the Atlas points specifically. Most O gauge points carry the current through on the 3rd rail. I had (in the 50s) some Lionel manual points that isolated the track they weren't set for. I don't think they come like that any more, but I could be wrong. (Hornby Dublo...
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    HOn30 trainsets available

    Bill: Peco may refer to it as OO9 or Crazy Track. (OO9 means OO scale, 9mm gauge.) I have one train in that size -- a Zillertalbahn passenger set. Hasn't been run for decades.
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    What Headlamp Bulb for O-Scale Lionel?

    Hi! Lionel has used a large number of light bulbs over the years. I guess you don't have the instructions with it. Also, the Lionel of the 1970s is not really the same company as today, but they may still make parts that fit. You will need a bulb that takes at least 18 volts or it may burn out...
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    Newbie question again - fastrack switches

    I just looked at Lionel's catalog. They say that even the manual Fastrack switches let you run through them -- you might want to confirm with your dealer about this. Otherwise you would have to get the remote control ones and they're about $90 apiece. If you have to get remote switches, O-27...
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    Marklin Digital Compatibility Question

    Maerklin is a special niche in North America. It has a reputation as solid and dependable, but incompatible with everything else. (Note: if you change the couplings, you can run North American cars behind Maerklin locos.) Regard it as equivalent t buying a car that runs on kerosine. I think...
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    Newbie question O27 switches

    I haven't had new O-27 switches for 50 years (!) but I don't think the manual switches have any sort of trail-through feature. The last ones I had would provide a dead track to keep the train from driving through it. The better remote-control switches did have a resetting mechanism.
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    How do you clean your track?

    Mauiman asked about my track cleaning car. Certain figures have been added to make it less dull.
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    Scenic Ridge Plus / Newbie Questions

    Kenny: The current issue of Model Railroader has an article on yards. You could look it over in your bookstore to see if it's what you need.
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    Gapless points and run- off points in H0?

    A company called Tru-Scale used to produce turnouts where the frog closed to make a smooth ride. This was in the 50s and 60s and some of them show up in used bins today (I have one in my junk drawer). They were made with a single unit for the points, closure rails and the attached bit of the...
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    Scenic Ridge Plus / Newbie Questions

    Adding to the front of the layout is quite respectable. I'm not sure how XtrackCad works. I never do anything graphic with my computer. wall1
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    New Train Guy

    Hi Kenny and welcome. We need some new train guys here to offset the paper modellers. :thumb:
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    Lionel 1033 transformer

    Vintagetoys: The position of the E-unit switch depends on whether you want to reverse your loco or not. On one side the loco will cycle through the Fwd -neutral-reverse-neutral settings. On the other side it will stick in whatever position it was last in (including neutral!) For a display...
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    How do you clean your track?

    I use GooGone only for stubborn dirt. I have a Centerline track cleaning car and with Some stuff from Aero Locomotive Works, I get the best running I've ever had. I have also used, when there are spots that give problems, a Peco track eraser, a split wine-bottle cork, a bit of wood left over...