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    Bachmann On30 Climax

    Cool beans, Dave! Glad you like it. I love mine. Did yours come with DCC and sound? Mine is one of the older ones that didn't, but runs like a dream. I'm thinking you'll get many happy trouble-free miles from it.
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    Seeking Exhibitionists!

    Hey, Tinny - I'd love to take part, but I'm waaaaay out west. Sorry.
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    New track plan for a 4x8 in HO/HOn3

    That is a really cool plan. I love the tight curves, and all the opportunities for tunnels, bridges and the like. Just wondering if you have left enough room for buildings...looks like it from here. Also wondering how sharp your narrow gauge curves are, as it would be great if you could run...
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    "Red Rocks" mine blding. almost pt.II

    Looks great, Randy! Is this part of a larger layout, rather than a diorama or pizza-sized layout?
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    Picky People

    Hey, MT - those 1:43 people work well with Lionel, as it is (at least, the older stuff) ludicrously oversized. You're quite right though...the 1:43 people just don't jibe with 1:48. I've had size run-ins too. Mostly, I cut them off at the knees or shins, depending on size requirements, and...
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    Gauge Party Winter 07 - The Party List!!!!

    In grade 11, I did a presentation called "Your Own Homebuilt Nuclear Device"...and got a trip to the counsellor's office.
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    jbaakko's Gauge Party Winter 07

    That's really coming along nicely. If it's to be a logging truck, most of them have tough lives, don't they? Will it be all beaten up and weathered, :eek: or a spiffy brand-new logging truck? :twisted:
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    CNWman's Gauge Party Entry

    That's going to be cooooooooooooool. :thumb:
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    Lighthorseman's Winter 07 Gauge Party Entry

    So, if I'm in, I had better PRODUCE this time. So, as mentioned, I intend to build a small Shay-sized enginehouse for the branchline on my new On30 layout. Here is a mockup of what I intend to build. This will be a very small enginehouse, and will be part of a string of small branchline...
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    Gauge Party Winter 07 - The Party List!!!!

    While I am notorious for throwing my name in and getting nowhere... (Remember Micro Challenges 1 and 2?) ...I'd like to put my name in for this one as well. My plan is a small Shay-sized enginehouse scratchbuilt from coffee stir-sticks, with the only commercial bits being 4 Grandt Line...
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    before and after On30 / O scale toy trucks

    Nice work, Randy! I've seen these, but haven't gotten around to picking any up. Great fodder for O scale trucks, though...I can see how they could be turned into many neat projects.
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    4-4-0 and 2-6-6-2 in On30 From MMI...

    Can it be true? Have a gander at the bottom of this page... Like many others, I'm waiting for the Bachmann 4-4-0. Mostly for financial reasons, as I suspect they'll be at least half the price of the MMI version. I...
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    Remember The Mini Chefs Set Christmas Thread?

    Remember the President's Choice Mini Chefs Train Sets that were available over Christmastime? Much of the entire thing is a write-off, except for the locomotive, which is a nice Mehano (?) 4-6-4 in CN green and black, with a Vandy tender. I'm pretty sure we had a good length thread about these...
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    On30 First Track layout

    I like the look of your plan, Alan. What will be the minimum radius of your curves?
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    modified atlas turntable

    Really nice job, Kevin. :thumb:
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    Examining the On30 Bachmann Outside Frame 2-8-0

    Really great job, Harold! But, I thought you had abandoned On30 for OO in the 1870s. Are you back with On30? Doing both?
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    Seen any great Train movies lately???

    "Bite The Bullet" - A tired horse-race story, but lots of narrow gauge footage, with many shots of a K-27. Worth the dollar rental. :D
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    kevin's layout party

    Great looking layout, Kevin! :thumb: HOn3 I'm guessing?
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    Sawmill Need Help

    Does anyone know if WS makes that little sawmill in O scale? That would be pretty snappy for On30...
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    Can. Superstore Pres. choice train set

    Well, I've been into Superstore, and I see they're on sale for 79.99 out here, too. I also noticed that they still have a dozen sets or I'm going to wait and see if they go down further, seeing as I want 2 sets. Am I cheap, or what? :D