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  1. Famous Dave

    Danube Class Runabout (DS9)

    Thank you for the build thread. I tried this a few years ago but it didn't go well. I ended up with another boulder. Anyway, this helps a Lot and I will try again following your lead. Thanks again, Dave
  2. Famous Dave

    The Crazy B@$t@rd Actually Did It...

    What a fantastic piece of art. You, sir, have a marvelous talent. WOW just isn't enough. Dave
  3. Famous Dave

    Three Years in remission from Pancreatic Cancer

    Congratulations. I raise my glass to you and your mate. I am glad to see anyone overcome cancer. I wish you a long and fulfilling life, doing what you love and enjoying it to the fullest every day. Dave
  4. Famous Dave

    Blackadder's Imperator Titan Build

    Actually you have officially become a Machine God. This has been one crazy ride. I have really enjoyed your thread. Dave
  5. Famous Dave

    Dr Tetrode's Valkyrie build.

    You are off to a great start. Thank you for the detailed assembly and experience commentary. This thread has so much useful information from assembly to even coloring information. I really am enjoying following your progress. Dave
  6. Famous Dave

    Armored Car - Patoroch T19 Warga

    I really like watching this come together. You've given some real insight on a fantastic build. Thanks for sharing. Dave
  7. Famous Dave

    U-Don's U-Boot typ VII C

    That's great advice Zathros. I tried from one end to the other and made a mess. I'll try this on my next try. Thank you.
  8. Famous Dave

    UHU02's Viper MK-II (REBUILD)

    I always love watching you add your greebly touches to a model. It really makes your builds "pop". Dave
  9. Famous Dave

    Blackadder's Imperator Titan Build

    Unfrikkin believable. You are an inspiration to us all. I am absolutely amazed by your talent. Thank you so much for all you share with us. Dave
  10. Famous Dave

    F-4E Phantom II Kurnass 2000

    An absolutely amazing build of a beautiful design. I watched your build on the fb. Thank you for sharing this project. Dave
  11. Famous Dave

    The not as bad as I thought attempts of Gixergs

    Love the dragons. I don't believe that I've seen those before. Awesome collection of wonderful builds. I think you are a little hard on yourself and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Looking forward to more from you. Dave
  12. Famous Dave

    Blackadder's Imperator Titan Build

    Absolutely Amazing. I am in awe of your skills and talent. I thank you for having the patience to stay with long projects, and especially this one. Thanks Dave
  13. Famous Dave

    I have cancer.

    Absolutely wonderful news. Congratulations on winning your fight. And the tattoo is cool, too.
  14. Famous Dave

    Millennium Falcon Cockpit from UHU02

    What an amazing piece of artistry. Mr. Uhu has astounded us once more. Thank you so much for sharing this build. Dave
  15. Famous Dave

    Interesting development in AI

    Zathros has been compromised. Code red.
  16. Famous Dave

    Detailed ww1, ww 2 subs with engine details

    I did see where Metal Magic Fascinations has a cut away submarine model(I know it's not card) muh like the old Revell? kit I built when I was a kid. But it looks waaaay smaller.
  17. Famous Dave

    Interesting development in AI

    My daughter has demanded that we cease and erase this discussion. Before the machines read this and learn How to take the planet.
  18. Famous Dave

    Interesting development in AI

    If you recall, the air force had a similar instance last year with the F 35.
  19. Famous Dave

    Blackadder's Imperator Titan Build

    It's supposed to be massively huge. You are a master techno priest, sir.
  20. Famous Dave

    Blackadder's Imperator Titan Build

    I don't know how you do it. I follow your projects, watch them come together, and am still blown away by the level of craftsmanship you posess. I love 40K and have been a fan for 30 years. I appreciate your diligence in sharing your build threads. Dave