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    ARMORMAN's WARHAMMER 40K Models Thread

    I'd like to see a step by step for those...
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    Eldar Wave Serpent

    Very nice bravo. Have you looked at newobmij new eldar flyers?
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    new project Stormraven from Newobmij

    5mn with google and I found that one. Just look for newobmij stormraven and concentrate on 4chn archive sites
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    Hello, I haven't been on the forum for a while as my current hobby time is spent painting actual minis. Just wanted to say hi and congratulate you on a great build (as always)
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    BatWing '89 / 1:32 / Ing. Spendlik

    what material did you use for the laser cut frames?
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    Useful Paper Modeling Tools

    I like the hole punch too. I think I'll order a set
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    Ferrari Engine design and build

    160g for 1m2 which is A0 format 80g for 1/2 m2 which is A1 format 40g for 1/4 m2 which is A2 format 20g for 1/8 m2 which is A3 format 10g for 1/16 m2 which is A4 format 9.8g is pretty close so I guess the difference is due to lost paper in the cut or to approximations in the initial weight
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    What Happened to Zathros?

    don't know what happened
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    stormtalon by newobmij

    as mentioned, google is your friend, newobmij models can be found here Again as mentioned he usually posts on 4chan /po the problem is that that site is regularly wiped so you need to find archives of it
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    Galeon San Salvador Hybrid

    thanks it clarifies it.
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    Galeon San Salvador Hybrid

    I don't understand how you are holding the bow sprit. won't the pen make it lean to the right?
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    stormtalon by newobmij

    not sure were exactly but newobmij usually posts them to /po on 4chan. Try googling for stormtalon newobmij. If you don't find them I'll look it up again
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    Dreadnoughts and ...

    that looks great, are the legs movable?
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    1/200 little Galeon San Salvador

    Those riggings look really nice, bravo
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    Warhammer 40K

    I don't understand, Dented Rick's mat is graduated in inches (it shows because there are half and quarter marks which you would never find in a metric graduation) so from the pictures I'd say about 2.5inches, definitely not 3cm.
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    Start of my Patoroch Imperial Guard army

    you'll want to color the edge before gluing as much as possible as once it is glued it is hard to have a neat effect but before it is easy to color just the edge
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    Warhammer 40K

    nice model and very nice step by step
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    Storm Talon Above is a link to them plastic model we are talking about. If you look at the pictures that are accessible from the bottom strip there is a version without the extra icon stuff.
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    Storm Talon

    If you take a look at the GW site, they are putting out a new vehicle which seemed based on the stormtalon, some kind of fighter plane. I thought that as the master of stormtalon conversion you'd be interested.