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    Blade Runner Tyrell Pyramid papermodel anywhere?

    Hi all, does someone here knows if there is a papermodel of e Tyrell company pyramid building from "Blade Runner" available somewhere, either free or commercial?
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    Searching Eilean Dolan Castle (Scotland)

    Hi all, I'm searching a papermodel of the "Eilean Donan Castle" in Scotland: The castle was used in several movies, including one of my favourites: "Highlander". Till yet I wasn't able to find a model of it, neither a printed one nor a download. Can anyone help?
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    MIDWAY STATION - Prototype build

    Recently I was asked to create a new papermodel form the german Perry Rhodan scifi novel series. My choice was a classic from the series, a space station called "Midway Station": To be able to invade the milky way the methan breathing "Maahks" build a series of gigantic space stations between...
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    Perry Rhodan MIDWAY STATION now available

    Just in time for christmas a new Perry Rhodan Papermodel is available! To be able to invade the milky way the methan breathing "Maahks" build a series of gigantic space stations between the Andromeda galaxy and our star system. With the help of these stations they could cross the large empty...
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    Logans Run mini movie stand-up-display

    Something different, but also a cardboard model: I once build a model of the "lifetime clock" from the 70ties movie "Logans Run": A long time I searched an idea for an additional display unit, something that would make that model look less lonely. Well, yesterday I found a downscaled...
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    New project from UHU02: Space Station V

    I just saw that UHU02 started a new project: Space Station V from "2001". Interesting, now we'll see a secon model of that station (Martin Sänger from "Paper Aviation" made one 2 years ago, but as the fully build variant from "2010"). I wonder how the dimensions of UHU02's version will be.
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    Model of meritorious mention Sulaco 1:430 scale

    Hi fellows, since December 2010 I'm building Jan Rukr's amazing 1:430 SULACO papermodel (, and I thought it is time to share some pictures, now that I finished the bow section (which is 1 meter long!). The antennas are all strengthend with carbon profiles, so they won't...
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    Azkaban papermodel?

    Hi fellows, does someone know if there is a papermodel of "Azkaban" from Harry Potter out there? I searched the web, but I didn`t find anything. I guess it would make a great diorama with stormy water splashing around it:
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    New Perry Rhodan papermodel starting this week

    Hi all, I can proudly announce that a new papermodel will be in the upcoming next three german weekly "Perry Rhodan" novels, once again a teamwork from me and the gifted german designer Martin Sänger, who constructed it. The numbers of the novels are 2557 (in the shops at August 20th...