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  1. snowmanX

    New kit for sharing - Galileo 5 transport shuttle from Star Trek V!!!

    Fantastic looking kit! I might use this as my intro to Trek models when I wrap up the several projects I have perpetually not complete.
  2. snowmanX

    Tokyo Tower by uhu02

    I am just blown away looking at this. This is a real gem. I hope that you have a fantastic place to display it. I learned really great techniques from this build thread that I look forward to trying out! Superb.
  3. snowmanX

    Well, hello there!

    Welcome aboard Ben! Being able find a model of almost anything, choose between various model versions from different designers, and reprint parts as needed really makes paper fun to work with.
  4. snowmanX

    The bisected Sith - Revenge of the Sith :)

    Amazing! The light saber really makes it work in the end.
  5. snowmanX

    From New Owner of Zealot

    I like the goal to bring in millenial'ish folks-- I was born in the early 80s and on paper fall into the early years of that generation. The real challenge for "us" is the time to build as we are all early to mid-career in our age group. But, getting these folks now means dedicated modelers later!
  6. snowmanX

    From New Owner of Zealot

    Hi Darius, Thank you for your efforts, I am thrilled you made the decision to keep this forum around. It is a great community to follow and the world is a better place with it. Eric
  7. snowmanX

    Zosho's Romulan Warbird

    I had the Ertle plastic model of this as a kid -- what an amazing ship (the design and size claimed in the Star Trek universe) and even more amazing to see it in paper!
  8. snowmanX

    Just wanted to let you know im back.

    Eagleclaw4935, welcome!
  9. snowmanX

    Weathering Your Card/paper Model

    Gandolf50, this is a neat bit of advice -- I have no idea about washes. Is there a product you have in mind, or would you use black (or insert other color) watercolors super diluted as a wash?
  10. snowmanX

    ZA Model 2019 (Slovakia)

    Such high quality models; and it looks like a pretty broad audience draw too. Thank you for posting this.
  11. snowmanX

    RMS Tintanic!

    What a beauty. At that size the model starts to take on a visual weight all of its own and looks more like an actual boat and less like a model of a boat.
  12. snowmanX

    Hello from Catalonia

    Greetings from Alaska, good to have you!
  13. snowmanX


    You really did justice to your subjects--nice builds! It is really amazing how the Canon kits come out--especially considering that they are free offerings, and they offer quite the variety of uncommon subjects like the Sagrada Familia.
  14. snowmanX

    SpaceX BFR anybody?

    That is a neat trick re: cutting out a piece and replacing it flush . I learned something I will squirrel away for a future day.
  15. snowmanX

    Dirk Pitt, Here. Just want to Introduce Myself

    I really love your subjects: an eclectic collection of "vintage": a cargo pod from The Motion Picture; the Bond Lotus; and Moonraker etc. Really fun.
  16. snowmanX

    Paragons Models

    Truly exciting news! I look forward to building some of Paragon's Trek models in the future. Great collaboration! Thank you Paragon and Rhaven Blaack!
  17. snowmanX

    hello there, greetings from Alaska

    When we moved I lost my collection of 20 or 30 rockets. My first rocket was the Bullpup missile. I remember fondly the release of the Star Trek Enterprise and the Klingon D-7 battle cruiser. I recall the mean machine-- a rocket 6 or so feet long. The Comanche- a 3 stage rocket. I was just a kid...
  18. snowmanX

    hello there, greetings from Alaska

    Hello everyone, I have read this forum for a while, but haven’t introduced myself, so I am taking the opportunity. As a kid I built most of the than Estes rocket collection. As an adult, I have diverse interests, and it carries over into the models I have built/want to build eventually...