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  1. Bill Nelson

    old time stuff in N, any of it worthwhile?

    anybody home. am fixing to move to the big city, and have less space. the wife has sugested I do something completely different, and the only thing I can think of that would be entertaining is old time stuff. any 4-4-0s and 2-6-0s in N that run...
  2. Bill Nelson

    Welcome !

    I’m posting this as nothing new has been posted in this area for some time, and the one that showed up last was not really relevant at this time. So if you are new here look around, Not as much going on in the train area as there was years ago, but we can fix that by posting stuff, looking...
  3. Bill Nelson

    problems posting files: file to large error message.

    some files load, most won't off my phone. set my camera to 0.3 mb, small setting, and get the same message . also all my recent photos are gone off my main thread, ot used to show info about the photos that didn't show, bt that is all gone too...
  4. Bill Nelson

    What happened to the narrow gauge section of the model railroad division?

    tried to go to the narrow gauge section of the model railroading department to give someone a ling, and it is gone. What happened!
  5. Bill Nelson

    problems uploading photos.

    I just tried to upload a photo and got an error saying it was too large for the server to handle. I saled it to the same pixel # I have been using forever, has anything changed?
  6. Bill Nelson

    building a walkaround throttle out of a stationary power pack

    I have been a big fan of walk around throttles for a very long time, back to when I was a teenager, and we are talking way back in the dawn of time here. at that time there were no commercial walk around throttles. Ok now a days many folks...
  7. Bill Nelson

    casting resin parts.

    in the model train scratching and bashing section I have a thread called time to build Union Station. I cut window and door shapes out of plastic, and then made moulds and resin copies for the build with one of the resid casting kits from Hobby...
  8. Bill Nelson

    an insane variation on a Roman Warship

    On this forum I mainly live in the model train section's logging minning and industrial section, bit I do do some things outside of that sub catagory, and I love wood, and have a loot of tools for working with. Years ago I was walking through a...
  9. Bill Nelson

    Monogram? Soverengn of the Seas

    this is an old project only partly done. before starting the model I used a razor saw to waterline the hull. I did not like the gratings on the deck, and removed them, probably a mistake , as I have yet to make replacements . I had stored...
  10. Bill Nelson

    kitbashing for city modeling!!

    over in the logging mining and industrial section of Zealot, I am documenting the massive rebuilding of my RR. In the past, my modeling has been decidedly ruaral, with the exception of Harlow TN, where my RR interchanges with the Southern Rwy. I have...
  11. Bill Nelson

    rebuilding an old Riverossi Heisler with DCC and sound.

    I have had a pair of Riverossi 3 truck Heislers in service on my RR for many years. I have a large fleet of logging locomotives, and the Riverossi Heisler is oversized to fit the motor that was available years ago when the design was developed...
  12. Bill Nelson

    electric trottle controls

    I have a three non standard RC projects I am strugling with, and I have not found a satisfying souloution for controlling the power to the electric motor on any of them. The first project is a G scale rail truck. I am using a 12 volt...
  13. Bill Nelson

    Walther's Cornerstone trackside structures kit.

    I'm rebuilding my Ho layout ( see the logging minning and industrial section). I am changing the set up of my interchange with the Southern Railway; in this next incarnation of my frelanced shortline, I will share a section of mainline with the...
  14. Bill Nelson

    tools for working with grades.

    I used to have a lot of problems doing the math needed to design my grades. to start with I'm dislexic, and when you start figuring rise and run with english measurements, soon you are doing math with fractions, where many things can happen, and...
  15. Bill Nelson

    trolley tracks at union station

    on page 7 of my documentation of the Union station project for the Clarksville Tn. Model railroad club in the scratching and bashing section TIME TO BUILD UNION STATION I have started to put...
  16. Bill Nelson

    Lets build car loads,please feel free to share your work and ideas here!

    I got of on a little bit of a tangent this week. I ran by hobby lobby to get some supplies. while there I noticed a 1/72 kit for a Sopwith Camel. well I snatched it up without any clear idea what to do with it. I don't have an air field, or...
  17. Bill Nelson

    Model Of The Month: Time to build Union Station!

    At the Clarksville Model railroad club in Clarksville Tn, the Guys have rebuilt the big yard removing all of the #4 switches, and going with #6s to make the yard more civilized. also in the interest of simplification they reduced the nearby double track...
  18. Bill Nelson

    a new mini HON3 layout started

    I have started a mini hon3 layout, two loops , with an simple over and under. mostly 16 inch radius , with some 18 inch radius on the outside of the passing siding, which uses Micro engineering #5 switches. The base is 2 inch foam. I have some...
  19. Bill Nelson

    Bachman On30 Climaxfor 0n3 conversion

    A couple of years ago I bought a Bachman On30 Climax with sound and DCC. I had always wanted an On3 Climax, but the brass ones were very expensive, so when I had an opportunity to get the On30 unit on sale, I could not resist picking up the...
  20. Bill Nelson

    On3 locomotive engine shops

    I was visiting an antique mall, and stopped to help one of the booth owners unload some stuff. In there he had a couple boxes of train stuff including some prewar Lionel cars, and some o gauge tinplate, as well as a lot of yard sale quality Ho...