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  1. Dagger

    Fokker Dr.1,in 1/32

    Beautiful design by Gerard Methorst. The legendary Dr. 1 of the Red Baron. Very rarely failure, I usually do not even have to reprint something. Here I could just complete it on the third attempt. On the first attempt I placed the low wing in the position marked, but the marking was...
  2. Dagger

    Polikarpov I.153 Chaika,in 1/50

    Another Gerard design.This little Chaika is not simple and the result is very beautiful.
  3. Dagger

    D.H.82 Tiger Moth,in 1/32

    Greetings, since I haven't published anything in a while, it's time to put something in. This year I had a lot of sick time but with ups and downs I built several airplanes exclusively, I know that science fiction is the dominant theme here and there are fabulous things and in aviation you...
  4. Dagger

    Kawanishi E8K,in 1/50

    Greetings, my last work, this Japanese recognition prtotype. In 1/50, very good model, beautiful final appearance. Everything went very well, in some parts I made some changes like adding or removing eyelashes, this design is Polish and not yet I achieve a good result with the double formers...
  5. Dagger

    Fokker E.III,in 1/33

    Saludos. Ahora que el foro es complaciente, les muestro algo que estaba construyendo. Este es un modelo de Wagner, un diseño excelente, no es súper detallado ni muy complicado, pero el resultado es magnífico. Y su precio es muy accesible. El tipo de diseños que me gustan no exige mucho tiempo y...
  6. Dagger


    Greetings. One person I appreciate is Gerard Methorst, Dutch designer, very cordial with me. He built several of his designs, Me-262, T-33, J29 Tunnan, the Fokker G-1, F-25, F-27, Republic SeaBee, and Now the Do-24k. Gerard's designs are interesting, some unusual, they are not simple, the...
  7. Dagger

    Viper MK ll, Ninjatoes, painted blake 7.

    Greetings. After 8 years modeling on paper it was time to do something in this category. The Viper is in first place in my preference, Galactica fan this ship fascinated me when I saw the first chapter of the original series, far away a long time ago .Download 5 of the repainted blake 7 from...
  8. Dagger

    S-51 WoT in 1 / 50. Construction report.

    Greetings. As I publish in my presentation the WoT designs are to my liking and my best works. This model I built a few months ago, I show them step by step so they know my way of building. I like to see reviews, opinions, advice, etc. I think that the construction processes are the best guide...
  9. Dagger

    Greetings from Argentina.

    Hello everyone. Thank you for accepting me. At the end of 2011 looking for something that would help me overcome a difficult time I discovered modeling on paper. My first models were Zio designs. I love it and for me it is much more than a hobby, it is a kind of therapy. In my youth I made naval...