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    Dr Tetrode's Valkyrie build.

    Hi, I am starting on the Valkyrie, from Armourman's collection, thank you! I am just starting in the paper realm so this will be for my benifit of recording the process, asking questions when stuck and learning the process of building a complex(?) model. I like the look of the Valkyrie, so...
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    My Trials and Tribulations and Fun!

    Hi, This is my way of sharing the 'fun' with my printer. A little history, I spent months trying to decide on which one? Cost only, capability only, or combination. Then a magazine I read, had about 30 of them lined up and compared. The number 1 was the Prusa i3 mk2. In kit form, it was...
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    Hello from Colorado

    Hi, I was shown this forum by my son, and he also introduced me to the joys of Paper Modeling and 3d Printing. I did not realize how much fun, paper was! So, just getting started on it. Currently collecting tools and techniques and supplies. I have built a few small buildings for model...