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    1:21 scale Millennium Falcon (hopefully)

    Ah, sorry about that, Zathros. I'll try to remember next time. :) I may be on here more often once my plastic modeling phase evolves back to paper modeling. :P For now though, too much money to be had building plastic ships for others, so I'll be saving paper models for my Star Wars RPG, heheh.
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    Star Wars Tie Fighter /my design / 1:48

    I definitely will. :) In fact, I'll do it now: TIE Recon, TIE Ground Targeting, TIE Line Fighter, TIE Fire Control TIE Advanced x1 TIE Aggressor under construction. I also have a TIE Vanguard...
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    1:21 scale Millennium Falcon (hopefully)

    You might be interested to know about the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon, if you haven't already heard about it. It's a subscription model that makes a studio scale replica of the 32" shooting miniature. I'm subscribed to this kit, and I can tell you it's a fantastic resource for replicating the...
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    1:21 scale Millennium Falcon (hopefully)

    Man, what an undertaking! I'm looking forward to seeing the results! If you're going the extra mile of upsizing it, I could link you to a thread in the RPF where they mapped out the model kit parts used for the Falcon so you can give it higher fidelity than the original model kit had. :)
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    De ja ... the feeling you're building a model you built before...

    If it were me lighting the deflector, I'd print the deflector on typing paper, block out light around it with black paint, then build a cone from paper that fits to it and mount an LED in the narrow end like a flashlight reflector. But that's how I'd do it. :P Fantastic work so far, though!
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    Star Wars Tie Fighter /my design / 1:48

    This... this is what sci-fi paper modeling SHOULD be!! An honest effort toward making a product that is faithful to the original! :D I really enjoy seeing the level of dedication you're putting into your craft, and I look forward to the result. :) Regarding the Bandai TIE Fighter, I think I can...
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    Thunderchild's Starcar and Gunstar on silver card

    Not as much as I'd like, unfortunately. I've had a rather bumpy last few months, and this model has been packed away. But I might pull it out and work on it.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens: X-Wing 3D build for Free.

    Being a NEEEEEERRRRRDDD, I can't help but comment on this. ;) First, that's a T-65's engine, not a T-70's, so when the wings split this entire module stays in one piece. Second, if it did split for some reason, I'm sure you'd agree there would be structural members, possibly ones you can't...
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    Resource Nebulon-B Frigate - 1:270 Scale

    Millenniumfalsehood submitted a new resource: Nebulon-B Frigate - 1:270 Scale - For the really, really adventurous... Read more about this resource...
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    Normandy SR-2 Beta Build

    No, but not for lack of trying. I've had a pretty busy (and crappy) month, mostly involving trying to keep my sanity while I and a group of students built a combat robot for school, plus I realized that a plastic modeling contest is coming up soon and I was trying to get a model of the USS...
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    UHU02 - Wedge´s collection

    Beautiful work! :D
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    Normandy SR-2 Beta Build

    Oh cool, thanks! :D I'll do that when I do the next post, after I get some actual work done. ;)
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    Normandy SR-2 Beta Build

    I'll see if I can figure out how to set up a gallery, as that would probably be much faster and simpler than resizing all the pics; I'm still not familiar with all the features of the site, so that didn't occur to me right off. Do you want me to make a gallery for the previous build photos as...
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    Found a link to some old B5 models

    There are so many good designs from B5 that I'm surprised more don't exist in paper form. Maybe if they'd ever had a decent vidya game released to rip models out of, lol.
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    Found a link to some old B5 models

    Aw man, I miss that site! It was one of the first paper modeling sites I visited when I was first made aware of what paper modeling was! I remember printing out that old Battle Droid model and then being confused as all get out as to how to put the thing together... I think I ended up printing...
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    DIs and NCOs, how do you scream?

    Learn the technique of projection. I've been a song leader at my church since I was 13, and I learned how to use my diaphragm to project my voice. Effectively, I can use my normal speaking voice but be heard over a crowd of kids who are being rambunctious in a room designed to amplify sound. You...
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    Normandy SR-2 Beta Build

    Hey, ladies and gents, time for another beta-build! Last time I did one of these seriously, it was Thunderchild's enormous Gunstar-1 model from The Last Starfighter, and that was pretty fun. I enjoyed waiting for new sections to be developed and help work out problems in the section I had just...
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    Death Star dilemma

    Unfortunately, I don't think instructions will help you in this case. All the parts are identical, so it's not like you're missing anything without instructions. It's just a matter of experience with things like this. So, let me share my experience with you: I'd assemble it from the top down...
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    U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from uhu02 and makino

    My advice: print it up in the lighter paper first, determine which parts are structural parts by seeing which ones will be bearing the most weight (the neck and nacelle pylons are the obvious areas), then print those parts in heavier paper. Any structural members (blank parts that will be inside...
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    UHU02 X-Wing 1:18 Scale

    Y'know, as nice as this kit is, I really wish it was accurate... The ICS books have a really nice cutaway of the ship and if I had the time I would make a kit myself of the X-wing with open panels. However, this is a really beautiful model, legal! :D