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    DC Wiring

    The point of this thread is to consolidate much of the information regarding DC wiring into a single thread. Andrew (moderator) has proposed moving this information into the Academy. Wiring for DC control has become a lost art because of the interest in DCC. The model railroading press used...
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    No more 4x8s!

    The movers have been busy at our house all week, and as the wife and I looked with dismay at just how many boxes of "stuff" were being packed, we both decided we needed to have an emergency "stuff" reduction to keep our moving costs within our allowance. This included getting rid of my stockpile...
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    Shelf layout construction

    I started this thread because of the "hijacking" of a thread in the HO section on locomotive lighting by Farnham and myself. I don't see a better category to put this under. Farnham was interested in my experiences with shelf layouts as he some BIG plans for one. I have built 3 table or...