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  1. chooch.42

    NEW M.P. Smith ELGIN PARK video

    Here's another go-round on another marvelous craftsman (and photographer) ! Sort of a Mini- (1/24 scale) Documentary, done as a promo for a coming book release: ...sorry, only on (sometimes problematic) VIMEO right now...Hope you can view & enjoy ! BOb
  2. chooch.42

    n scale 4X8 layout idea

    WOW, didn't see how old this thread was when I posted...hope Roger has found/formulated a plan to fit his wants (by now !). Z, I empathize...derailments and destruction in so small a scale (never mind Z-scale) can be disheartening. I admire the vision (68 year old eyes !) and manipulative skills...
  3. chooch.42

    n scale 4X8 layout idea

    Hi, Roger. Don't really know what you're after in a "3 train system", but Dave Vollmer's "Juniata Division" layout has some ideas, and (before the yard add-on, even smaller than 4x8. It's featured in "Great Model Railroads -2014" or, check his site here...
  4. chooch.42

    Union Pacific BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 1/25 Scale (Engine)

    kooklik, Hello, again ! Approaching 3 years since your last post here. If you have abandoned this project, I hope it is not for unfortunate reasons. Miss seeing your elegant and meticulous work. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  5. chooch.42

    Sanding tool

    Zathros speak with voice of experience !!! sign1
  6. chooch.42

    Help for unknown Diesel locomotive...

    Chris, Hi ! The body of this diseasel looks very like the old Athearn "Hustler" - which IIRC was a "Plymouth" loco - don't remember the model designation. The chassis - I don't know, but this Pico has an American look - no buffers, as on the cars - "poling pockets" instead (circular "cups"...
  7. chooch.42

    Union Pacific BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 1/25 Scale (Engine)

    kooklik, hello again. You have noted, but others not "into"trains may not - your "Big Boy" is fueled by coal, has a coal-carrying tender. Coal does not burn as cleanly as oil (also used to fuel steam locos), leaving considerable amounts of ash and other unburnable residue which falls through...
  8. chooch.42

    Ralston 20 Ton Air Dump Ore Car

    From Ralston's website (so I guess you've got it) - can't remember where, but there was something like this commercially at one time...the pic can be enlarged on Ralston's site, showing some more detail -but no other views. It's not listed as an "Ore Car", but guess could have been so employed...
  9. chooch.42

    WHECs or Weather High Endurance cutter model request

    I know, it's not paper, but you may get some ideas from this: R/C scratch-built of Hamilton. Best of luck with your project. Bob C.
  10. chooch.42

    Escher optical ilusion by papercube

    carlos filipe...Wonderful ! Have been an Escher fan since Middle School (a great Art teacher got me interested), but have never conceived of the 3-dimensional representation of any of his geometric fantasies. Congratulations for even imagining this construct. I'm eager to see someone achieve...
  11. chooch.42

    My Lack of Modeling

    Zathros...Your injuries/disabilities may have limited your personal participation in crafting of card and other avocations, but because you have accepted and conscientiously pursued the position and duties of Moderator and devoted your time, knowledge, and enthusiasm to this site (in the best...
  12. chooch.42

    Any wagonettes and horsecars in H0?

    For an idea and a challenge...1:00 into this video of model trams meet: ...I'm impressed ! Bob C. :eek:
  13. chooch.42

    Union Pacific BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 1/25 Scale (Engine)

    kooklik, Hello again...I'm still with you, still removing mud from my beard, as this staggering creation causes my jaw to drag on the ground ! The only thing more miraculous than your model is the ingenuity, artistry and perseverance you show in designing and bringing this project to all of us...
  14. chooch.42

    E-mail virus

    Thanks for being sharp enough to pick this up - and kind enough to let us know !!! Bob C :mrgreen:
  15. chooch.42

    Greetings from Montana!

    Welcome to the "Z", friend...I'm a train guy, but fascinated by the creativity of folks in other media, and their skills. Was in Great Falls 1968-9 at Malmstrom AFB...despite the cold (-48 a couple of times), loved the state, but have not been fortunate enough to return. Hope you enjoy the gang...
  16. chooch.42

    More Mogul Modifications?

    Hi, john...another link to data from a contact of mine on locos similar to yours...FWIW: ...maybe useful for future projects ? Bob C.
  17. chooch.42

    Athearn Genesis GP7/9 Announced

    Will have to go look at one to see the difference - have 3 or 4 "Blue Box", wide hood, no DCC, no sound, purchased in a previous life NEW for 'bout $26 each. Ernst gears, KD's and a bunch of home-made wire bits made 'em pretty nice. Couple cents under $180 each (DCC-Ready/No Sound) will be tough...
  18. chooch.42

    Prototypical Tram tracks?

    John...Bill's got what appears to be the less costly way to go, and just as visually effective ! Found an old thread (in "The Academy") by "Interurban", one of the Old Gauge traction go-to-guys : . He hasn't posted here in some time, but this...
  19. chooch.42

    More Mogul Modifications?

    Hi, again, John ! Just saw your post on the rear of the cab shot, but Wikipedia has a Rogers Mogul photo (from the Strasburg RR, a couple hunnert miles east of me). The cab height issue is obvious...think the sides (shallow) parts acted as seats for...
  20. chooch.42

    Prototypical Tram tracks?

    Gonna try something...Google Search on Zealot...if it works, this is the link : ...for trolley rail - it showed some past threads with possible information - the archived...