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    Movin' on...

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    The light at the end of the tunnel

    Sorry guys. Since Mikey and Don never gave me a lightbulb for my office......... ..........I'm taking the switch with me!
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    Stepping Down

    It is with regret that I have to step down as moderator. Because of personal conflicts and off line commitments, I feel that I cannot commit the time it takes to moderating my forums. Though the last three years I have been a moderator have been full filling, I'm not completely leaving the...
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    Weekly Photo Fun 12-5/12-12

    An old post card.
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    Atlas switches, am i the only one?

    Sorry... Misunderstood the question. Does though answer a couple of problems I have had.
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    Atlas switches, am i the only one?

    I have the Atlas turnouts and haven't had a problem electrically(YET). But I have the manuals, and not the remotes. Prior experience with the remotes is the elctro-magnets burn out quick. Which makes them manuals rather quickley.
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    Collectible Kits?

    I used to work with a guy that collected old, and rare HO scale slot cars. He would get them from evilbay, and shows. I went with him to a show one time(In hopes of getting something for the layout). He bought a car from one vendor(Tyco Richard Petty Plymouth Super B, with the wing) , and right...
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    History Channel - another Train Series!!!

    The show is getting better with each episode! Kinda short on this one as he didn't explain the Whyte System, or even mention the wheel arrangement. A thought, even though the host can be annoying at times, its nice to have someone that actually works for a railroad, and not someone who doesn't...
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    Christmas video

    That was cool! Loved the roundhouse!
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    Photography Game?

    Valley RR's Baldwin 2-6-2 #103. On the deadline. Been there quite a while.
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    Question re Proto Erie-built/PA-PB/E-unit diesels

    The chassis between the "A" and "B" is more than likely different. The "A" chassis probably has a nose section that is angled, or shaped like the nose of the shell. The "B" is probably squared off. The "B" is shorter than the "A" as it has no cab, or "Bulldog" nose. Unless you want to modify...
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    How about a scale vehicle thread

    This is a refriderator truck I kitbashed from an N scale tractor, and an N scale Refridgerated container
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    How about a scale vehicle thread

    Here's a pic of the Micro Machines armoured vehicles that I used for flat car loads when I was doing Nscale.
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    How about a scale vehicle thread

    I still have a couple of Micro-Machines amoured vehicles that I used for flat car loads when I was into N scale. They were painted in wild bright colored camo paint, but a can of Testors Model Master "Forest Green" took care of that. That was before the Army started painting everything Desert Sand
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    Train Shows Increasing

    I can see it now...... CIS:Cajon Pass
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    Researching the Prototype

    Research is the best tool when designing and planning a layout. And with the advent of the internet, makes it easier to investigate your favorite railroad. But, the internet also leaves a lot a holes, and blank pages. This is where your local library comes in handy. The internet didn't kill...
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    Extreme Trains On Right Now!

    I'l tell you what. After watching last nights episode, I started planning a cold storage/produce distributor for my layout. I don't know what it was, and I've been watching the show since it first aired. Maybe cause I have no excuse to run unit coal trains, already have intermodel, and I can't...
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    Need ideas for decal making and building materials..

    Here's an article I wrote for the E-Mag: Should help in printing your own.
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    Photography Game?

    Cloudy day, cheap 1.5 digicam.... Best shot I could get of Naugatuck Valley's FL9
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    Extreme Trains On Right Now!

    Look what happens when you click the wrong button. You can quote yourself.