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  1. Awry_Chaos

    Attention: Blender Users: Blender 3.0 Geometry Nodes Tutorial Manual

    I was reading the news site for Blender ( and came across this awesome (FREE!) PDF tutorial/manual for Geometry Nodes in Blender 3.0. It's more of a manual on Geometry Nodes in...
  2. Awry_Chaos

    Design thread for the SA-43 Hammerhead Fighter (Space: Above and Beyond)

    ... And so it begins ... Welcome to the the design thread for the card/paper model of the SA-43 Hammerhead Fighter from the late-1990s TV show SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! This design was requested by @Rhaven Blaack . And after giving it a quick thought, I decided to take up the challenge of...
  3. Awry_Chaos

    [Awry_Chaos] 3D Works-In-Progress (WIPs)

    Since I'm taking a long hiatus from doing paper models and I now have my computer set up I am able to return to 3D modeling using Blender. This thread will feature my 3D WIPs as I have multiple 3D projects going. This is a WIP of a model I started a long time ago. It's the BRDM-2, an armoured...
  4. Awry_Chaos

    Russian ''Museum'' Site for FREE models

    When talking to @zathros this site came up as a resource for FREE card models: It has several models of aircraft, ground vehicles, and water ships. There are also historical spacecraft models there too. The models date from, I'd guess from the 1970s to...
  5. Awry_Chaos

    A site I came across

    Here's a site I came across: It's a German paper building site but it easily translates into English. They have a few superb FREE downloads, mainly ships and buildings, but there are a couple of cars there too. I'm not exactly sure how I found the site, but I...
  6. Awry_Chaos

    Vampire Bloodlines 2

    Who here is also waiting for the new Vampire Bloodlines 2 game to come out? Its one of the things I'm anxiously awaiting for here in 2021.
  7. Awry_Chaos

    [Soviet/Russian] Antonov An-14 -- Build Thread

    For my next project I have decided to do the Soviet/Russian aircraft, the Antonov An-14 'Pchelka' (Russian: Пчёлка, ''Little Bee''). NATO Reporting name: Clod. It was first flown in the late 1950s and produced 1965 to 1972 with a production of 332 aircraft. For more information please visit the...
  8. Awry_Chaos

    Keyboard Cat Automata -- Build Thread

    Since there is no category for automata, I chose this category. I found this cute little paper automata from the Tubbypaws website. It is of a cat playing the keyboard (or piano). When I saw it I knew it would be my...
  9. Awry_Chaos

    Deck by Deck build of the Titanic

    I'd love to see a paper model deck-by-deck build of the Titanic. Maybe, at best, in 1/100 scale. Even 1/144 scale would be doable -- the people would be small though. Plastic kits exist, so why not a paper model kit. And detailed deck plans exist.
  10. Awry_Chaos

    Minecraft Ender Dragon Build

    Here is one of my first paper craft builds. The Ender Dragon from Minecraft. Originally, I was going to do the dragon from Fiddler's Green for a Christmas present for my daughter but I gave up after building about half of the parts and they wouldn't fit together. That, and the lack of good...
  11. Awry_Chaos

    New member from Washington State

    Hello, My name is Derek and I'm relatively new to the papercraft hobby. I'm currently working on building the Ender Dragon from Minecraft as a Christmas present for my daughter. I also have several other models I want to build including a WW2 Japanese aircraft carrier. I am primarily...