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    Airbrush help.

    I assume your compressor has a decent sized tank on it, and the normal operating pressure is a lot higher than 30PSI. If my assumptions are correct, the second regulator will just tap air from the tank. The compressor will cycle as necessary to keep tank pressure well above 30PSI, but you will...
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    HOn3 locomotive shops

    You are aware that NWSL is working on a regear kit for the Bachmann Climax. That is a beautiful switcher - too bad about the couplers.
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    train control

    It sounds like what you are looking for is a walk-around throttle. These vary from a very simple throttle on a tether that you can build yourself to a quite complex wireless setup using commercial components. Making good recommendations is rather difficult until you provide more information...
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    Moving. Must sell layout

    Layouts are not easily sold because of their individualistic nature. The smaller the layout, the easier it is to sell. I assume you are not selling the locomotives or rolling stock with the layout. You can get better returns selling those separately (if you are selling them). I assume you...
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    Switching layout ideas needed!

    Good sources of inspiration for shelf switchers: Small, Smart & Practical Track Plans - Iain Rice. Many of the plans are for small shelf layouts. Iain Rice's recent book on shelf layouts. Although the plan are for bigger layouts, there are quite a few inspiring scenes within the plans...
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    Chassis for HOn30 Boxcab

    The Life-Like (Walters 2K) SW chassis is regarded as a good HOn30 starting point. Might be a little expensive to find one, though. An alternative would be the NWSL motorizing kit for the HOn30 Keystone Shay. The drive is very similar to a diesel drive, and the wheelbase might be more to your...
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    Atllas Controller #220

    Here is my guess at gapping for the reversing section (gaps in both rails at the points in red). Power for the reversing section comes through the Atlas Controller, and nowhere else. Power for the rest of the track likely comes from the Atlas Controller, and then through your block selectors...
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    The Little River Rail Road in Doc Tom's Back Yard

    I was up in Golden at the museum in September. The outdoor G line was running quite nicely. I learned a lot about various small shrubs suitable for altitude in Colorado talking to the operators.
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    Atllas Controller #220

    The Complete Atlas Wiring Book is $7.50 on their web site - search the store by the title. It will show you how to wire any of the Atlas components, including the Controller. It will also show you how to set and wire block wiring for 2 train operation using common rail and Atlas components. I...
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    Chris Did you look at the link provided about "stay alive" circuits for decoders earlier in the thread? Here's the link again: The inrush current issue is discussed towards the middle of the page. There is also information on where to...
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    On30 or On3?

    In a way, yes. It really depends on the market the model was designed for. Big Boys have been built to do 18" radius or less in HO. It required pivoting of both engines (the prototype only pivots the front engine) and substantial clearance around leading and trailing trucks. And the overhang...
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    On30 or On3?

    It's not the 1/8" difference in gauge; it's the way the models are built. You can see the same disparity in minimum radius between plastic and brass steam in standard gauge HO. Remember the starting points: On30 has developed from the toy train set mentality (it wasn't that way before...
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    On30 or On3?

    There are a few hobby shops that carry significant amounts of On3/On30. Caboose Hobbies in Denver and Southwest Narrow Gauge in Phoenix come to mind, but there are others. Most hobby shops that carry significant narrow gauge do mail order. You want the On3 NMRA gauge to start with, and some...
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    On30 or On3?

    IMHO, it amounts to your answer to 2 questions: - Does the non-scale gauge bother you enough to re-gauge your locomotives? It obviously bothers you some, or you wouldn't be posing the question. But how much? - Are you planning any dual gauge track? Ever? Dual gauge track is a non-starter...
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    MTH? Walthers? Proto? Athearn? Broadway?

    First off, you have a couple of contradictions. Usually, quality is defined as accuracy of detail and/or very smooth running. Top end brass models usually have both nowadays. Detail is generally sturdier when made from metal and soldered in place, as compared to plastic detail. But you said...
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    Remote Switch voltage 027 tubular

    It's not a problem. The O27 switches operate off track power, which is variable voltage AC. Unless you are operating post- or pre-war locomotives at top speed, you won't be using anywhere near 17 volts on the track. When I'm running modern 3 rail equipment (1970s or later), I set up on the...
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    Eastern Tn logging on the DG CC & W RR 1928

    Bill The Micro Mark universals are in fact left over Hobbytown stock. I had my LHS order a few for me. They ordered double for stock, and were amazed at how fast they sold. They are reportedly quieter and a tighter fit than the NWSL competition. Fred
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    Keystone HO Shay + NWSL conversion

    Keystone Shay NWSL motorizing kit Sounds like you have the original PDT-based motorizing kit which only powers one axle. I don't think it worked all that well. Current version - might be worth buying - powers all axles with centerline drive shaft and gears, very similar to diesel switchers...
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    Scenic Ridge Plan Enlarge

    Enlarging a Track Plan with Atlas Track I recommend redrawing the plan with RTS track planning software - a free download at The RTS software is pretty easy to use, one quick trip through the tutorial and you should be in business. This will allow you to make any changes you like...
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    Keystone HO Shay + NWSL conversion

    Keystone Shay Instructions Which model NWSL motorizing kit do you have? The earliest version was a hack of the NWSL PDT drive, and I believe only powered 1 truck. Later, there was a more conventional drive kit available with either can or open frame motors. Before NWSL was sold to Oso...