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  1. stilgarhammer

    Stilgar's 3D printer build

    I have been poked into doing a build thread of my current project of a 3D printer. So here goes. I am a member of the reprap forum. What is a reprap? RepRap is humanity's first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine. RepRap takes the form of a free desktop...
  2. stilgarhammer

    Where has stilgar been?

    Hey guys and gals. Just thought I would give a bit of update. Not sure what I posted before but here goes. After I moved to Arkansas in September (I think). Everything got a bit busy, but was able to do a few projects. Fast forward to February, I lost my mom to cancer, her body was riddled with...
  3. stilgarhammer

    Resource Basic console from Star Trek Voyager

    stilgarhammer submitted a new resource: Basic console from Star Trek Voyager - Basic console from Star Trek Voyager Read more about this resource...
  4. stilgarhammer

    Star Trek Voyager console

    Hey gang, be busy with other fronts. Now I had some time and created a basic console seen on the tv show Star Trek Voyager. This project had two goals for me. One was to make sure I remember how to make card models and two this particular model will be made full size as a personal computer...
  5. stilgarhammer

    I'M still around

    Just letting you guys know I am still around. moved recently and been busy with life. I did start on a new project. I will post about it if anyone interested.
  6. stilgarhammer

    New model build

    Hello everyone, Its been a while since I posted, been busy with life. :eek: I was asked to make a pepakura file of the Judge Dredd 2012 movie helmet. I present a pic and download a copy. I will upload a pepakura file and a PDf file. I am asking anyone who would like to beta test build...
  7. stilgarhammer

    written Russian translator needed

    stilgarhammer is in need of someone to translate selected pages from a PDF file. Please PM me for more information. thank you. Stilgarhammer необходимо кого-либо для того, чтобы перевод отдельных страниц из PDF-файла. Пожалуйста PM мне для получения более подробной информации. спасибо...
  8. stilgarhammer

    Track racers series

    Hey guys/gals, I have decided to do a series of sci-fi vehicles. Each vehicle is made up of separate blocks. This was done to allow the beginner to construct them easily. I had a happy accident, I realized, if you placed magnets under the white placement panels, They could become modular toys...
  9. stilgarhammer

    racer named RACE TRACK

    Hey guys/gals, I was buzzing through my archive disks and found one of my designs from back in 2007, when I was learning how to use my 3D modeling program. Rhaven Blaack suggested I post about it here. I am in the process of getting ready to release. This pic shows the vehicle with most...
  10. stilgarhammer

    M551 Sheridan

    Hi all, I am looking for a card model of a M551 Sheridan tank? thanks, stilgar
  11. stilgarhammer

    M551 Sheridan

    Hi all, I am looking for a card model of a M551 Sheridan tank? thanks, stilgar
  12. stilgarhammer

    stilgarhammer's "V" skyfighter build

    I have started my skyfighter build. It wil be a large model with a wingspan of about 12 inches (30cm). I have decided to break up the build in 4 pieces. I have the first part, the cockpit, roughly done. Here I show a size comparison to a 2 liter soda bottle of the cockpit...
  13. stilgarhammer

    RC BSG Landram project

    Hello everyone, I have decided to build a Special RC Landram from the classic battlestar galactica TV show. I will be using a Spygear ATV-360 toy as a starting point. About the ATV-360.. ATV 360 Spy Gear Spy Video by Wild Planet. It isn’t just having a fun toy, but...
  14. stilgarhammer


    Looking for a mechwarrior mech called Warhammer WHM-6R in PDO form. I would like to make it 24 inches (600mm) tall. page link.. thanks
  15. stilgarhammer

    Need help with texture

    Hey guys/gals, I am working on my own version of a gonk droid from SW in 3D. I have no experience with adding textures to the model, and I was wondering if anyone would like to help? Work in progress.. Thanks
  16. stilgarhammer

    Star trek TNG

    Hello, I am looking for 1:1 files of the Star trek next gen tri-corder and phaser rifle. I found the scale version of the phasor rifle I want, but I am wanting a 1:1 version. Ans the basic tri-corder Thanks
  17. stilgarhammer

    McQuarrie fett concept helm

    A couple years ago, I commissioned a 3D artist to do a concept helmet, from the book "art of return of Jedi". I never got around to make one myself. So I thought maybe someone here may be interested to try one. I don't remember who the artist was or where he is from, maybe he will see this and...
  18. stilgarhammer

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello everyone, Just thought I would intro myself, I am a self employed Automobile customizer, doing anything from new interiors to custom parts inside and out. I have been making costumes off and on for about 20 years now. My first purpose made costume was a imperial Klingon from the star trek...