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  1. brakie


    Its with sadden heart that I must step down as moderator after 5 years...Its been a good ride and I met a lot of folks I consider friends but,the time has come to pull the pin and pursue other hobby goals.
  2. brakie

    Paul Templar RIP

    I just read on RR-L and RRF of Paul's passing..Paul had emphysema and lung cancer..He was known as "Shamus" My deepest condolences to his family..
  3. brakie

    A Update

    First things are still moving along on my N Scale layout..Of course there are changes. -------------------- First since I like the NS and CSX I decided to model a "paper" railroad own by both roads thus I present the Columbus Belt & Terminal.This is a freelance 18 mile industry branch located...
  4. brakie


    Since returning to N Scale as my primary scale I find myself more relax but,in a complete different mode.I haven't added sun visors,plows,mu hoses or uncoupling bars to my HO Athearn locos yet,I find I want to add those details to my Atlas locomotives.I have body mounted couplers on several...
  5. brakie

    Atlas GP9s

    How can I tell if my 4 Atlas N Scale GP9s are DCC ready? I have had these units since 2003 and I am really hoping to use DN163A2 plug N' play.
  6. brakie

    NS At Marion(Oh)

    Some NS action at my favorite spot.
  7. brakie

    CSX Action In Marion(Oh)

    I took these photos Wednesday while railfanning in Marion..I meant to stay long enough to drink my daily cup off coffee but,ended up staying 6 hours[:O].It was a very busy day.
  8. brakie

    Some NS Action in Bucyrus

    I thought I will share these photos..So far this year I have taken close to 224 photos..I will share some of 'em over the coming weeks. This was a very busy day and I took around 14 photos.
  9. brakie

    A Most Railroady Weekend.

    Here's a little show I made fer ya..These pictures was taken Saturday during Hobo Days and today(Sunday) except the CFE pictures.
  10. brakie

    Probable Layout.

    Guys,I am thinking about building this 2x4 foot layout since I can easily set it up and take it down.I gotta find something to keep me occupied. However I plan on making some changes. 1.Eliminate the bottom crossover crossover and both switches since they have no real reason to...
  11. brakie


    I am thinking on building a small N Scale layout and more then likely use basic DCC with a Bachmann E-Z Command system-its made by Lentz. My current plan calls for 4 locomotives and will use 2 at a time on a rotation bases.. If memory serves the Atlas frame needs to be milled for a...
  12. brakie

    Double Double And Oddities To!

    Here in Bucyrus things can get busy..I took these pictures Sunday and ended up playing hookie from the Bucyrus HO club. If you look close you can see a W&LE whoa up at a absolute stop indication at COL/SAN as a NS train rattles the diamonds. Now the Wheeling gets wheeling as the engineer...
  13. brakie


    I know by now this is old news to you more savvy N Scalers however,I was completely in the dark about this locomotive till I visited the Atlas N Scale forum.Shoot nothing at the N Scale club either!! Needless to say they know now. Atlas Model Railroad Co. - N Trainman GP-15 Test Shot Photos...
  14. brakie

    When The Chase Is over

    What do we do when the chase is over and we have more stuff then we can use? In my IPD boxcar quest I gain 199 short line boxcars.To me it was thrill of the chase in finding short line boxcars now thanks to Athearn these are more habit then a true chase. Now I feel I don't really need any...
  15. brakie

    Chasing RailAmerica.

    What does one do when CF&E(RailAmerica) comes calling? Take pictures of course![:D] Here we see CFE making a reverse move on the NS connector.Notice the brakeman protecting the shove.CF&E uses 3 men crews. Now we see 6637 running on NS trackage next to Transco.The Autoracks will be...
  16. brakie

    First Outing Of '08.

    Since yesterday promise to be a nice day and seeing I been cooped up during the winter months I do what I love to do..RAILFAN!:thumb: And without any more ado I offer up the following. While coming down Pole Lane road(I cut across country)and about to turn on Fairground road when I spotted...
  17. brakie

    Modeling Fill Tonnage.

    I thought we would take a quick look at modeling fill tonnage. First what is fill tonnage? Fill tonnage is extra cars added to a trains consist to bring it up to full tonnage.This is done for for movement of cars and to keep locomotive house power ratio to train tonnage.This why you may see...
  18. brakie

    Handlin' Live Stock..

    Ok..Many modelers like stock cars and stock pins.Let's take a closer look.. Our local has dropped 2 stock cars of at Tri-County Live Stock Auction Association for loading.When the local returns the next day the crew picks up the two loaded stock cars bound for General Meat Company in Chicago...
  19. brakie

    What Shall We Discuss?

    Guys,I get my topic ideas while I am trackside..Of course its winter and I am a fair weather railfan. So,in that light is there is thing you would like us to discuss? Some of my future plans is to discuss overflow cars,extra tonnage, handling empties,fill tonnage and passenger terminal...
  20. brakie

    What's Your Winter Goals?

    Since winter is upon us what are your winter project goals? Here's mine. Finish all three club buildings. Add 2 locomotives lettered for my Huron River Ry. Finish three C&HV cars. Clean and service all locomotives before the Spring round of open houses. What's in your wallet?