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  1. carlos filipe


    VIGNETTE 1/20 An accident occurs to an explorer of a newly discovered planet. Help is to faraway to reach on time. Katie, the seasoned astronaut tries to extend her survival by rearranging her life support pod. That was not enough.
  2. carlos filipe

    19th model exhibition in Almada, Portugal

    The local association held this year the 19th edition in a very nice setting, the Clube Nautico de Almada (the yacht club). It is a very laid back event, probably no more than 200 works, no competition, just the pleasure of exhibiting them. Here is a short video of the event. I would suggest to...
  3. carlos filipe


    CLEVER MODEL Mercantile brick building 1/48 I love the photo realist textures of these kits and being able to print as many copies we need, gives room to a lot of creativity. As a system I glue the main parts to 2mm cardboard. This gives strength to the model. In this one was a little tricky as...
  4. carlos filipe


    Porcorosso is a character of Hayo Myasaki's film with the same name. WWI Italian fighter pilot with a pig face as a self inflicted curse as a result of a war trauma.
  5. carlos filipe


    A caricature made by Ammon Miniatures, a French manufacturer, I think. It is a 30mm high figure (1/56?) Good casting, one can move fast into painting. I haven't mentioned previously, but am using Vallejo acrylics for figure painting.
  6. carlos filipe


    A caricature produced by Taurus, an small European firm of an artisan I enjoyed painting this figure. The caricature captures the humanity beyond the giant scientist.
  7. carlos filipe

    Bust of Portuguese Knight, 1143 A.D.

    This is the work of my participation in a workshop with master Fernando Ruiz Ceano. The workshop was organized by Associação de Modelismo do Montijo, Portugal, in 2013. The class had a weekend to learn the basics and to do as much as it could be done. After 18hours we pretty much finished the...
  8. carlos filipe

    bad bunny - 40mm figure (scale 1/56?)

    I enjoy painting these small humourist figures. This is of a very angry grown up "baby" (?!) still wearing a baby grow
  9. carlos filipe

    Mad Hatter & Alice in Wonderland / scale 1/20(?)

    Mad Hatter is a character of the stories of Alice in Wonderland. He's such a bad singer that the Queen as a punishment for making her wasting her time, doomed him to live eternally the same hour, tea time. In this version, Mad Hatter is a steampunk robot serving cup of after cup of tea to a...
  10. carlos filipe


    A vey pleasant model from Purple Bob's, a British manufacturer that also sells die cut windows. Construction is straightforward, but I opted to fill in the interior of the walls with heavy cardstock. Made two mistakes...
  11. carlos filipe


    This is my first kit from Clever Models. It is a pleasure to build, even in my hands came out something nice.
  12. carlos filipe


    SCALE 1/20
  13. carlos filipe

    LAPUTA / CASTLE IN THE SKY - scale 1/20

    Built it almost out-of-the-box. Got inspired by this image
  14. carlos filipe


    It was kind of embarrassing to find thru a Japanese forum and another in France, people motorizing static models of Lisbon trams in H0e, found in the souvenir shops orin the gift shop of Carris’s Museum in Lisbon. We tend to overlook what is at our doorstep...
  15. carlos filipe

    Escher optical ilusion by papercube

    The same author of Croocked Tower is readying two very interesting new models. Based on Escher optical ilusions he created two sets of stairs. Check on: PaperCube Look in the menu, on the left for "in progress". He was kind to send me the models...
  16. carlos filipe

    Trebuchet 1/25

    The trebuchet is a siege machine from the medieval warfare arsenal. It was an offensive weapon designed to smash walls, but it could also be used in defensive mode controlling access to sensitive areas suvh as a bridge to the castle or the gates itself. I’m not going to say more, there are...
  17. carlos filipe


    SCALE: 1/150- JAPANESE N SCALE LAYOUT DIMENSIONS: 1100 X 400mm TRACK: Peco code 80 TURNOUTS: Peco Setrack, just two manually operated in the staging yard.. THROTLE: analogic, a Gaugemaster handheld WS. Power supply is a small transformer 220V/AC into 12V DC, like the ones to load mobile...
  18. carlos filipe

    Model Of The Month: The Crooked Tower

    The link is no longer active: PaperCube Besides the Crooked Tower it had a beautiful XIIth century castle. It was freelanced, but had all the typical features of the period. What struck me most was the designer’s concept for the presentation, see the...
  19. carlos filipe


    1/48 Narrow gauge 432mm/17’’ 9mm Peco track, code 55 Minimum radius 120mm (roughly 4.7’’) Tray layout 420 X 320mm
  20. carlos filipe

    Helmet bird

    AUTOR: "atom" The “helmet bird” is a small creature holding a pot of ink and a pen folder, whilst two lovers are signing a contract in Hell in the triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights.