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  1. jbaakko

    Rolling stock wish list

    Time to post up YOUR wish list of un-produced prototypes! Any rolling stock you're like to purchase that's not yet produced in your scale. For me, it'll be HO scale. 1. 3280/3281 Cu. Ft 2 Bay Covered Hopper: 2. 3230 Cu. Ft 3 Bay pressure unloading covered hopper: 3. ARI 3256 Cu...
  2. jbaakko

    Wpm 2008

    Well, I got back from the WPM meet around 9PM PST last night. Was a new experience, lots of interesting stuff to look at, and the intermodal presentation was dead on. I shot around 250 photos. Met a few new people (including the guy who does the Q&A section of the Streamliner (UPHS's...
  3. jbaakko

    Evolution of my MRR's logo...

    Here's the evolution of my model railroad's new logo (and name). I've gone with Cajon Lines Railway, as I'm modeling the Rail Lines on Cajon pass. V1, Brand new design. Small slogan, Does not work well for scaling (smaller). V2, made the slogan larger. This is the current, V3...
  4. jbaakko

    Photo Fun, for the 1st week of August...

    Though I'd start next week's photo fun a day early.
  5. jbaakko

    Model Railroad Hobbist Magazine

    Time to sign up for Joe Fugate's online magazine is NOW!!! Heck, he's even running a $1000 online shopping spree contest, and all you have to do it register to be eligible! :D If you get a chance, post to the forum, introduce yourself, and let...
  6. jbaakko

    Coupler Pocket for Custom Rail 89 cars

    Huh, odd I never saw this before. Walthers has a product designed to replace the coupler pocket on Athearn 85'/86' Flats & Boxes. Oddly enough, it works perfectly for my Custom Rail 89' auto racks. For those unfamiliar with Custom Rail auto racks, they're notorious for having the floor too...
  7. jbaakko

    Building my layout...

    Part by part it begins coming togeather! Here's an update from today. Three modules along the wall. More to go still. Top framing detail. I've opted for an "H" design instead of a box, to have less to bump into, and make it lighter & cheaper.
  8. jbaakko

    My new Computer Room switching layout plan

    Just looking for a little input. I'm on to V1.2 of a track plan for this room now, and its as follows. The door is in its of nook to the top left, so I have plenty of space for that temp section there to the left to cross to another industry. I added some text to describe my current...
  9. jbaakko

    San Diego Fires...

    So, I'm guessing everyone heard about the fires in San Diego. Yes, I got evacuated, temporarily, for about 6 hours on Monday. The people across the freeway from me were evacuated about 5 hours before me, and let back in about 15 hours after me, at 12 noon on Tuesday...
  10. jbaakko

    jbaakko's Gauge Party Winter 07

    Not sure what I'll end up with, but I'm entering...
  11. jbaakko

    Bnsf 4099

    Can you pick out the two major differences that I've found? This is my current BNSF build, RPP Dash 9 to BNSF 4099. There may be more differences I've missed, and well obviously it has not hit the detailing department, or paint, yet. Loco Photos Search, BNSF 4099
  12. jbaakko

    QHS 1100 tour sign up!

    So, my first boxcar to be painted and numbered for Q&HS (my dad's fictional railroad) is on the way, its a 50' Genesis Seico boxcar. Scale is HO. If anyone would like to join in on the interchange please reply here. I'm figuring it'll spend 2 weeks on each railroad I send it to. The only...
  13. jbaakko

    Auto Rack modelers!

    I have a dilemma... I own one Custom Rail, Tri-level auto rack, and parked next to a Walthers Bi-level (or tri-level), Accurail 89' flat, or Walthers 89' flat, it sits noticeably high. But the thing I don't get is the coupler pocket comes out just about the same. What I'm getting at, the...
  14. jbaakko

    Site crash issues, scaring me away!

    *Begin vent* I have to admit, I love the number of posts here, TONS to see and do, but ever since the "big move", I've crashed the site once a DAY. Its getting frustrating, because when I get back to it 15-20 minutes later, the new threads thing is messed up so I don't have any clue where I...
  15. jbaakko

    BNSF modelers!

    Since Deano has his UP thread I'll make my BNSF thread. Anyone in any scale is welcome to post!
  16. jbaakko

    jbaakko's, Spring 07 scratchbuilt challenge

    Bring it on I say. I'm never one to back down from a "challenge" per say, I mean I did build that Weed Sprayer car... Two months, I'll have this baby: HO scale build, styrene, plaster (maybe), and foam. Lets see if I can pull it off!
  17. jbaakko

    HO tanks cars?

    I know someone posted about liking tank cars, I need help identifying a close match for this tank car: I was going to go with an Athearn 62' tank car, or a Walther 65' LPG car, but both are not close matches. The biggest issue would be the way the tank is welded to the "frame" for the...
  18. jbaakko

    eBay seller beware!

    So, I didn't think I was going to have to start warning people, but here it is. I sold to a buyer on eBay by the name of " supertrainman" back in the early days of January. He complained that he never received the item. I figured it was a false claim at first because the buyer refused to use...
  19. jbaakko

    From John Deere to Metrolink!

    It's "done"!!;article=34
  20. jbaakko

    CTIE Gondola Part 1

    So I've been planning this car since I grabbed myself one of those John Deere sets. I'm modeling CTIE #276983, an interesting gondola. I began with an Athearn John Deere car: I striped it with pine-sol & primed: Today I added the yellow undercoat, (Boyd Smoothster Yellow) remind me to...