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    Locomotive aesthetics

    Call me shallow, but aesthetics is a big part of the appeal of railroads and modelling. I've studied my own reactions to locomotives particularly - almost have it down to a science. Unfortunately, that means that I can't summarize them. It would take a small book. Maybe I'll post some of that...
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    Steam switchers worldwide

    In North America, steam switchers were typically 0-6-0 and 0-8-0 (and 0-4-0 in earlier times) tender engines. In Britain and Europe, the same wheel arrangements, but tank engines. In most of the rest of the world...? The only other country I can think of to have 0-x-0 tender engines...
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    Ditch lights?

    In the US, I think ditch lights were required starting in '97 or '98. When were they required in Canada?
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    RSCs and RSDs?

    The RSC-2/3 and RSD-4/5 didn't last as long as their 4-axle counterparts, as usual. What were the last railroads to use each of these?
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    Any news from South America...

    regarding the B30-7A(B)s being shipped to America Latina Logistica? The only report I can find on them is 10 weeks old.
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    Traffic density

    On the prototype, how many trains can a one- two-, three- or four-track mainline handle per day? Under TT&TO, ABS, or CTC? I know the answers will be variable, but I'd like to have some idea.