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    A Resurection of Sorts

    Wow, it's been a while, but I'm back, and once again I'm in need of some help with my trains. A long time ago, I purchased a TYCO Chattanooga 638 2-8-0 and I asked if it was worth working with: Well, a little over a year and a half later...
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    Digitrax or NCE?

    The time has come for the upgrade to DCC, but I can't decide between the Zephyr or the Power Cab sets, so I ask you gurus which ones you think fit my needs better. My needs: -expansion friendly (4X8 is only the beginning for the Riverside Railroad) -walkaround ability -compatability with DC...
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    Worth Saving?

    I got some 2-8-0 from a train flea market for $15 last weekend, and from what I've learned/know this is that: -It's a tender driven TYCO steamer with a good-condition body shell -It's lettered as #638 for the Chattanooga, maybe part of a TYCO Chattanooga Choo Choo set from the late 70's...
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    Ion Generator Wire Problem

    Hey everyone:wave: Right now I am trying to build a static grass generator of my own by using proven methods found on the internet. I have aquired all the neccessary things, and even assebled a supposedly working generator. Except it's impossible to tell what polarity the white wire is on the...
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    Trying to find some Gundam kits

    Hello:wave: I have heard about gundam kits being really awesome, and after watching the final "Avatar: The Last Airbender" chapter; "Sozin's Comet," and watching the Firelord bend flames the size of <insert really large object here> for the fifth time (I watch that ep. alot:p, it's the best one...
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    I can't upload photos!

    Something screwy is going on with the gallery here on Zealot, or for me at least. I tried uploading some picture a few minutes ago, and I got some fatal error message saying I've exceeded my limit on bytes! Last I checked, I didn't HAVE a limit on bytes in the gallery, and that was a mere 5...
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    80-Ton Switcher takes out Highway Bridge

    Yep, read it all here: The Enquirer - Crash closes I-74 east Happened last night, although I only learned about it a few hours ago. I'm curious as to the history of that 80-Toner, although the only clue is the current number. Guess the RR's are trying to inact some revenge on thier eternal...
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    Ambroid Wood Kit info

    Hey all:wave: Back at X-mas time, my uncle gave me this 50-ish year old wood kit for an O scale "payroll car", #183 in a limited production run of 2000 by the "Ambroid" company. I don't know anything else about Ambroid or the kit, nor can I figure out where one of the peices go. Have any of...
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    Thinking about a secondary project

    Hey all:wave: My first layout, the Riverside Railroad, is still covered in pink insulation foam, so it has a LONG way to go:rolleyes::mrgreen: However, I'm starting to think of how to create ANOTHER layout, this time for the Interstate Railroad (the one with the orange RS-3's), which had an...
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    L&N Coal Hoppers

    Hey guys:wave: I recently bought a Bowser 100-ton 3-bay hopper painted for the L&N. What was odd to me though, was that it was mainly orange all over. Further inquiry and research has only told me that the L&N aparently ran unit coal trains with just those orange hoppers. What I can't find is...
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    Looking for Dimentions of N&W 611

    Hi all:wave: In my CAD class, I'm currently drawing the sole surviving GS-4 complete with color. My classmates think I'm nuts/insane:lol::razz:tooth1, but my teacher really likes my work, and he's given me a special assignment: Draw up N&W 611. He rode the train about 20-30 years ago, and...
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    Nov.30 Weekly Photo Fun

    I'll start this week's WPF:mrgreen::thumb: #4056 poses for the camera:
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    How to dissassemble a TYCO Caboose

    Hi all:wave: My latest project after fixing up a defective coupler plate on an old Athearn kit custom-painted, my new project is trying to improve an old TYCO caboose I got free from a junk box in a San Francissco hobby shop along with the hustler and two other cars. I have succesfully...
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    CNWman's Gauge Party Entry

    ...or something close. Because the entires must be made from scrapbox parts or those sprue thingies (I think), I came up with this thing: THis is NOT anywhere CLOSE to the finished building, but it's a mock up to put me back on the list after my sister kicked me off:curse: Anyways, It's made...
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    I am now employed!

    That's right, I have a job! Not just any job, though, I work for a model train store! Today when I went to pick up my Athearn 60th aniversary boxcar from DCCTrain, I asked the owner about getting a job next summer. His response? I can work on commision, and I start now!:mrgreen: I get commision...
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    On3 Help

    Hi all:wave: First off, I am NOT getting On3 trains, HO is expesive enough for me:rolleyes::mrgreen: Actually, I only discovered today that one of my best friends at school is also a fellow model railroader with some On3 stuff!:eek: However, he says his trains have laid dormant for a...
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    Building the Riverside Railroad

    Hi all:wave: I thought I might as well make a layout progress thread now because things are actualy getting DONE on the layout:rolleyes::mrgreen:. So far, nothing much has happened, just the foam got placed in and you can see the town of riverside start to form. The town's main source of...
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    What's an engine 'deadline'?

    What is an engine 'deadline? I've read about old engines on 'deadlines', but it seems that some engines in them are scrapped while others will live again, so are they storage tracks or something else? It seems almost every major class 1 RR had a few.
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    Weekly Photo Fun: Week of 10/19

    Time to start the new WPF thread!:mrgreen: Caught a little freight action today.
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    The Potential Revival of the Cincinnati Streetcars?

    Found this out today: The Enquirer - Streetcar plan on track