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  1. Sky Seeker

    James Bond Lotus Esprit - Submarine Version

    This is a simple model from paperdiorama (originally from the 1977 movie "The Spy Who Loved Me". A clip from the Spy Who Loved Me with the "car" underwater. Some...
  2. Sky Seeker

    Crane - Panther X250

    Here's a vehicle that I ran across while looking at the Canon papercraft site, which has literally hundreds of papercraft models there for beginners and more experienced modellers. This is the Panther Crane X250. Created by K.Yoshinaka. Found here...
  3. Sky Seeker

    Moclan Ship - The Orville

    Moclan Ship - the one on the right Moclan - transport The Orville Various possible inspirations - Sophon Vessels - Endless Space I haven't seen any models on this or The Orville for that matter. Just wondering if anyone out there has built one or know of someone that has...
  4. Sky Seeker

    Ikarie XB 1

    Just thought I'd post the link for another great Jan Rukr creation the Ikarie XB 1. It's got a pretty cool retro vibe to it. Here it is: Here's a "translation" of the site (if someone has a better translation please feel free to add it...
  5. Sky Seeker

    Firefly - Serenity

    Everyone - a friend of mine some time ago asked me if I could build the Serenity for him and I said "yes". Little did I know what I would be in for..:headbange: This is going to be one tough model, but they say that a journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step, so here goes. Side...
  6. Sky Seeker


    Hey everyone. Normally I work on Sci fi projects but a friend of mine asked me to make a piano so here it is. This is the lower base. Note the foot pedals they actually move. Keyboard with greebled black keys. Keyboard mounted to base left side glued on. Right side glued on with side...
  7. Sky Seeker

    Robinson - multi ship assembly

    Hey Everyone! Just found this link on Alien 99 / Jan Rukr site. Reminds me of the Earth Star Voyager movie a while back: Look at the movie at 2:38:48 during "assembly". Enjoy! Sky Seeker :tank:
  8. Sky Seeker

    Lambo 2

    Recently my area got hit with a microburst with thunderstorms and hail. Long and short of it was that electricity was down, trees got knocked down and blocked the roads, and everything was just generally mess. So what does this Zealotian do? Why make a card stock model of course! This one...
  9. Sky Seeker

    Star Wars - K-Wing

    I was going through some of my files the other day and found this gem among some other compressed files in the old archive.. It is in a pepakura format and needing a break from designing the small parts on the Vorchan I decided to give it a try. This is the first model I have made from a...
  10. Sky Seeker

    Captain Apollo died today

    To everyone, I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I just heard that the actor that played the original Captain Apollo, Richard Hatch died today. :( I understand that he was one of the forces in Hollywood that got the ball rolling for another Galactica series. A toast to of ambrosia to him...
  11. Sky Seeker

    4ever European Site

    Hey everyone - found another interesting site. One of the interesting concepts found on the site. I don't believe I've seen this in real life..yet! Enjoy! Sky Seeker :tank:
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    Hey everyone I found a new site that has some great ideas and wonderful pics. Thought I'd pass it along. Sky Seeker
  13. Sky Seeker

    Lightjet - with cockpit

    Here is the assembly of the Lightjet with cockpit. Side pieces #4 with reinforcement Assembled side piece #4 Side piece #6 Side piece #6 - assembled Piece #3 assembled Sky Seeker :tank:
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    Here's some models I've done with Karakuri (Japanese for Mechanism) a book by Keisuke Saka a high school physics teacher in Japan that is also an aficionado (ok MASTER) of the paper arts. These models have mechanisms made out of paper. I've donated multiple copies of these books to a local...
  15. Sky Seeker

    B5 - Project Centauri Vorchan

    Here is the B5 (Babylon 5) Centauri Vorchan. Gandolf50 managed to find a copy of a lightwave model. Here's the original post from him from here "Took about 10 minutes to find a 3d model, convert it and here is...
  16. Sky Seeker

    B5 - Centauri Sentri Fighter

    Hey everyone! I haven't posted for a while due to a combination of work, life, and other stuff (ok helping to test out the game Subnautica). Anyway I've dusted off the 'ole knife and have started on another project related to Babylon 5. Also, during the course of doing this model I'm going...
  17. Sky Seeker

    Nautilus - original Jules Verne Design & other stuff

    Here are some submarines done by an associate of mine (the person who inspired me to start card modeling in the first place). As well as some other aircraft work. Original design of the Nautilus from the book "20000 Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Vernes. Nautilus from the movie "20000...
  18. Sky Seeker

    b5 - EA - Omega Destroyer

    Hey everyone! Spaceagent made the suggestion of doing a current build thread on the Earth Alliance (EA) Omega Destroyer from Babylon 5 (B5). Spaceagent is building one while I'm building another one from Jaybat's models. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of this (re: dueling banjos)...
  19. Sky Seeker

    Found a link to some old B5 models

    Found a link to some old b5 models that were "lost" to antiquity. It took a bit of digging, but I found them again via the internet archive - wayback machine. For everyone who had a favorite link that was lost you can revive it again - assuming it was archived. The Wayback Machine -...
  20. Sky Seeker

    BSG Defender

    Hello everyone. Just thought I'd share what I've been working on lately. This is a model of the BSG (BattleStar Galactica) new series Defender ship. Top View - front section Front section bottom side with reinforcements. Top and bottom front section assembled with reinforcements in...