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  1. chooch.42

    NEW M.P. Smith ELGIN PARK video

    Here's another go-round on another marvelous craftsman (and photographer) ! Sort of a Mini- (1/24 scale) Documentary, done as a promo for a coming book release: ...sorry, only on (sometimes problematic) VIMEO right now...Hope you can view & enjoy ! BOb
  2. chooch.42

    Boxcar Surfing !

    Hello, All. Thought some Gaugers might enjoy this peek into the past ! A friend brought it to my attention - it sure changes your outlook on the duties and safety of railroading now and Back in the Day...:twisted: Think about this when you're...
  3. chooch.42

    FMF&W RR Sale at Auction

    Hi, All. Just got a notice from a friend - the Ft Madison, Farmington & Western RR and Minerville Museum in Donnelson, Iowa, is going to sale at auction due to owner's health. Locomotives, rolling stock and other equipment, etc. are available. Here's the link to the site...
  4. chooch.42

    WPMRM Holiday Show

    Hi, Folks. The Western Pa. Mopdel Railroad Museum Holiday Show is now underway. It's a dandy group with a beautiful display and a fine layout. The main web site is The Western Pennsylvania Model Railroad Museum and the show schedule at Annual Holiday Train Show . If you'll be in the Pittsburgh...
  5. chooch.42

    Interurban Car ID

    Hello,All. Just a request for help identifying maker or type of this car... used on the Harmony Short Line interurban line from Pittsburgh, via Butler to New Castle, Pa. I'm not at all knowledgable about traction, but live near the old RoW and have considered modeling the car, if not the line...