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  1. kevlary

    Twiki Build in the pipe

    Yes ive been asked by a few people about a life size Twiki, and yes its true , i have plans to create one, i probably wont physcaly make a paper build of him myself , but it seems there are lots of fans out there that would want one in there room, as classic momorabelia of the little guy...
  2. kevlary

    Stormtrooper Helmet

    Just another Project build ive decided to do, coutresy of Space Cowboy and Fierfek for bringing these helmets to the world of paper.:wave: I plan to merge the too helmets together, as i found a few minor detail missed of my build, ive never merged to paper model parts together before so this...
  3. kevlary

    New Old School Cylon parts ive remodeled

    Im doing a project and just thought i would share it with everyone,this is my first build thread so for me it will be touch and go and see what happens. Im rebuilding some parts of the armour, its so far not going to bad, the shapes seem pretty straight forward enough. here are some screen...
  4. kevlary


    My name is kevin,and im very much into my scifi, ive been doing some papercraft modeling recently, i like it so much cant put my scissors down!!!!