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    MP 531 Project

    I am waiting for some parts to come in so that I can finish my GP10's. I was looking around and found this photo. MP 531 - a GP18 at Wichita, Kansas - July,1972 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection From: Since I...
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    Paducah GP10's

    The prototypes: ADN 1810 ADN 1811 These are two N scale Paducah GP10's that I am working on for the AD&N. ADN 1810. ADN 1811. ADN 1810. ADN 1811 ADN 1810 ADN 1811
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    AD&N Woodchip Gondola

    The prototype. My version. I used a Dimi Trains sugarbeet gondola. I know it is not exactly the same car, but I didn't think I could find a closer one without scratch building the whole thing. Maybe one of these days. :cool:
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    My recent modeling activity has consisted of installing a fascia on my AD&N layout. I also installed throttle jacks for my walk around throttles. I had a couple of Micro-Mark car card boxes so I measured them and built some more. I installed all of them this weekend. East end of layout...
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    New power for the AD&N

    New power for the AD&N. ADN 1812 leads a train of pulpwood past the plywood mill.
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    New structures for the AD&N

    I was engaged in a lengthy process of reblocking, rewiring, and relaying all of the industrial spurs on my N scale AD&N. It was not my favorite. I finally got that completed and now have started back doing some modeling. This was a Model Power Tank Filling Station Kit that I am using for...
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    AD&N 1205

    AD&N 1205 switching pulpwood at Crossett, Arkansas 1980. (Terry Holley photo) My N scale AD&N 1205 switches its' first cut of pulpwood racks. I just finished it tonight.
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    AD&N 17

    I took this photo of AD&N 17 on 31 Dec 2003 at Crossett, Arkansas at the old AD&N shop. It had been out of service for 7 1/2 years at that time. Here is my N Scale version. It was made from a $1.50 Life-Like Caboose. I added an Atlas smokejack and caboose trucks. I also...
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    Homemade Decals

    I have to make my own decals, because two of the roads that I model are Southern shortlines and cars, locomotives and decals just aren't available for them. All of my AD&N equipment except for my boxcars and my Thrall All-Doors I have made the decals for. I did make the numbers to renumber my...
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    I finally added a backdrop to the AD&N

    Back Drop on South of Layout Sky Board on West End of Layout Southeast Corner Back Drop Back of my Tool Box Looking Southwest at Main Wye Looking South by the Plywood Mill Looking South between Kraft Mill & Plywood Mill...
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    Georgia Pacific Tank Cars ??

    Georgia Pacific owns a fleet of 500 tank cars with reporting marks GPBX, GPSX, GPMX, GPPX, GAPX. I have a Georgia Pacific chemical plant on my layout and a bunch of old tank cars. I would like to repaint a few of them to become GP cars. So far I have been unable to locate any pictures of any GP...
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    Dual Cab Control Blocking for Operational Flexibility ??

    When I originally built my layout I intended on eventually going DCC. One of the things that prevented me from doing it initally was cost. Another was lack of knowledge about DCC. The third was that the majority of the locomotives that I need for my chosen prototype take a substantial amount...
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    The Ashley, Drew & Northern Railway Company

    Current state of the Ashley, Drew & Northern: Mill Loops Shop Wye Pond Yard Staging Yard
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    Operational Staging on the AD&N

    Starting operations on Phase I of my layout has pointed out to me the importance of having somewhere for trains to come from and go to. I have been trying to figure out how traffic would flow in and out of my mills. I'm working on setting up my car cards & waybills so that they work in a logical...
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    Classification Yard Operations

    Posted with permission. These are a couple of posts made by Dennis Storzek on the Ops-Ind List concerning operation of a classification yard. >Quite the contrary..... you pull each track, looking for the cars on the >switch list (they are the cars that are supposed to be somewhere in the...
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    AD&N 907

    SW900 AD&N 907 leaves the shop. AD&N 907 on the Shop Wye This is my first attempt at painting and decaling a locomotive. I had to make the decals. I apologize that the photos are not better. My better camera was stolen the other night when someone broke into my truck in...
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    Operational Question

    Operational Considerations/Questions When setting up operations on your layout, there are several things that must be considered. How you answer these questions greatly affects the operations and operational setting of your layout. When you start thinking about these things, it can seem...
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    Controller's Stamp?

    I collect things from the road I model. As a gift I just received a stamp that says: 21 - AD&N RY THIS CAR REPORTED BY YOUR ROAD ____________________ ABSTRACT ATTACHED DAVID W. SMITH CONTROLLER What exactly would this stamp have been used for? What would this stamp have...
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    First N scale Kitbash (A simple one)

    After seeing what some of you do I hesitate to post this, but I guess you have to start somewhere :cool: I started with a LifeLike Hopper Kit. Like this one: I extended the sides, painted it with my new airbrush, and loaded it with woodchips. Side by side: Homemade Chip...
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    Pond Pass Yard on the AD&N

    A cut of AD&N boxcars tied up on the Arrival/Departure track. Future AD&N 1205 grabs the cut. First string of cars being shoved into Pond Pass Yard Track #6. Overhead view of the yard. Last shove on Track #4. The yard is full.