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    Last one...?

    I am also resigning my moderator duties. I do hope to remain as a member. I think Sumpter's post in this thread: sums it up pretty well. Andrew
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    Happy Birthday Harold!

    bday1bday2 Many happy returns! Andrew
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    HO Busses in card stock

    Check out HO scale busses and trolleys via this message from our Card Modelling friends... ;) :D :thumb: Andrew
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    Welcome to Plans & Blueprints

    Welcome to the Plans & Blueprints forum! :D Thanks for all the suggestions and interest in getting this going. :thumb::thumb: Please feel free to post your own works, or links to plans that are publicly available elsewhere on the Internet. Scans of plans from kits, books, or magazines, etc...
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    Attention Scratch-builders: Proto resource

    I wasn't sure where to post this - Trackside Industries, Scratchbuilding, Events, or somewhere else, so it ended up here...! ;) The "Doors Open Ontario" season is upon us. There's a guide in today's Globe & Mail, or you can visit Doors Open Ontario - Home for more information. You should...
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    Another Roco Truck

    This is the same model as the one I posted last week, but done up slightly differently. The BF Davis sign comes from the Hamilton Model Works coal dealer kit. The wheel barrow and shovel are from a MOW flat kit from Accurail, and the coal is actual coal from Bytown's steam crane. The...
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    Snow storms boost ridership

    From CBC.CA - Canada's News, Money, Sports, Health, Technology & Science, Consumer Life, Arts, and Kids Information Source Winter storms boosted Ontario-Quebec train travel In the second part of the story is an announcement that Ontario & Quebec will look at the possibility of a highspeed...
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    Ian Wilson & Canadian National Rwys

    Interesting article on Ian Wilson, the author of the "Steam..." series of books on Canadian National in 1950's Ontario. The Orillia Packet & Times - Ontario, CA Ian's website is Canadian Branchline Miniatures Andrew
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    Another "Another 1000!"

    Congrats to Nomad (Loren) for reaching the 1000 post milestone! :thumb: :thumb: Andrew
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    At long last, something...

    At long last, something has rolled out of the doors of the Marlpost Shops - i.e. my train room. ;) For those of you that don't know, the past year or so everything was on hold with a move, and then renovations gone bad (:curse: contractor). During this time, my workshop/trainroom was the...
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    Who has priority on a mixed train?

    So how does a mixed train operate? The way I understand it, mixed trains come into being after railroads realized that passenger revenues were not covering the full expense of operating the route. That's why they got mail contracts, and other "through" freight (express) tagged on, or rather...
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    Halton County Radial Railway

    I had the chance to visit this "hidden gem" north of Oakvile, ON over the May long weekend. Lots of opportunity to ride various operational (and historic!) electric cars of various types. A fantastic collection, restored, operated and maintained by some very dedicated volunteers...
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    You thought your commute was tough...?

    Betcha didn't have to bump start the train...! ;) :) Train passengers asked to get out and push - Yahoo! Canada News Andrew
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    The Gauge backup

    To all members: You will likely see similar threads to this in the other forums so all of you have the opportunity to know that we have a back up way of communicating with each other if The Gauge goes down. We have a Gauge Google Group. Those that haven't signed up yet should. This may be...
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    What did I see...?

    I was in Toronto over the weekend, and was able to fit several little side trips, and/or spot a number of train related things: - The old John Street roundhouse (now home to Steam Whistle Brewery and future home of Toronto Railway Museum) - CP freights running across Toronto through the old...
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    On-line train game

    Ok, it's more of a puzzle game than running trains, but here you are: (For the record, there are no railways left in Newfoundland (NL) , the starting point of the game...! hamr) Andrew
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    Mergers & Acquisitions

    But mostly acquisitions... ;) :D Was at my favourite train shop this past Sunday with the entire family in tow... I show the Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0 lettered for CN to my wife. She says "What does that do?" I explain it's mostly a freight locomotive. She says "Why don't you get it?". I...
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    Beautiful RR stn for sale!

    Attention Southern Ontario Gaugers! Check this out - found it in one of the yahoo railway groups I read... Andrew
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    UPS for decoder

    I have a brass Mack Railbus that only picks up on the two rear drive wheels. Suffice to say it does not like insulated turnouts. I have explored the idea of an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for a decoder. The only commercial version appears to be from Lenz, and they want about $60 for a...
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    Think you have bad weather...?

    How about this... How big a plow do you need to get out of that one...?! :eek: ;) :D Andrew