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  1. swampdaddy41

    Free Sci-Fi paper models

    Hi all: Ran across this site by accident. A few paper models for download are there. Have fun, build more robots, Swamp Daddy
  2. swampdaddy41

    Time to STEP UP and donate

    I've enjoyed the Zealot site for a few years now and it is the only place I post threads of my modeling projects. Previously, I've not concerned myself much with site mechanics or finance. But, as I want Zealot to continue I have made a small donation. Being retired and living on (mostly)...
  3. swampdaddy41

    Bus Lovers Unite (those infected with the fetish join in too)

    For those of you in HO scale with any sort of city, you need some buses to serve citizens along with the trains. In recent years the number of good bus models in this scale has exploded. I'll show some from my collection to start things off. Here are a pair of 1-1/2 deck units, a Mercedes...
  4. swampdaddy41

    GOVERNMENT CENTER (stacking type kitbash)

    I am starting a new project using several "IRS on fire" buildings. Two separate buildings will be created by swamping around parts from (so-far) 4 of these kits. Two of the three other variants I know of are in the photo below. The most common variant over here is the Model Power or IHC...
  5. swampdaddy41

    Free paper buildings in HO scale

    Hi all: Here are some background (flat) buildings in HO scale: There are a lot of them. I think the shorter the depth o f your layout from the viewpoint of the visitor the more likely you will need some...
  6. swampdaddy41

    Smoke fluid - anyone make their own?

    I acquired two IRS on fire buildings which I am kitbashing; both large smoke fluid bottles were empty (as it dried up over the years). I've seen several articles on making your own. Any do that in this group? Let me know your experiences. Any grime build up with commercial or home made...
  7. swampdaddy41

    Free paper buildings (variable scales)

    Hi all: Possibly posted previously but always good for a scare are the buildings of Ray Keim from many of the more popular horror movies: Doesn't everyone need the Bates House in their city diorama? Have fun modeling, Swamp Daddy
  8. swampdaddy41

    Free RR buildings & acc. in OO scale

    Here is a free site full of things aimed at model railroaders but usable in other dioramas too. There are 4 main categories: railside, townscene, backscene and brick paper; all with many interesting items. I rarely scale back these OO...
  9. swampdaddy41

    Building 34 & 44 kitbash (plastic parts mix'n'match)

    BUILDING 34 & 44 kitbash Novel hook & loop construction Back in the 70s AHM, then IHC, Model Power, Tyco and others imported a number of buildings by Pola including the Storefront Apartment, Luigi’s Restaurant, Burlington warehouse, W.E. Snatchem funeral home & others. All were basically the...
  10. swampdaddy41

    TRANSPORT CENTRAL scratch build (using styrene plastic)

    TRANSPORT CENTRAL 1974-2018 (The forever project) The idea for a large multi-mode transit center was born long, long ago; and, in a place far, far away (actually around 1974). In the late 50’s-60s HO scale buildings were quite frankly dinky and the biggest around were the Revell Bakery...
  11. swampdaddy41

    Computer 2000 kitbash

    COMPUTER 2000 KITBASH The best way to kitbash a structure that is both easy and impressive is to stack two or more of the same kit to make a taller structure. The buildings I chose is a Pola kit marketed as 4 or 5 different car showrooms by Pola, also imported by AHM, IHC, Model Power and...
  12. swampdaddy41

    wanted: HO scale trolleybus overhead

    I am looking for AHM (made by BRAWA) overhead for trolleybuses. Need poles and wire to expand my system. Need some specialty parts including contact masts (to operate switches or other acc.), need crossings for trolleybus/tram overhead, need slip switches (non-powered switches where routes...
  13. swampdaddy41

    I'm back again !

    Joined initially in March 2007 but due to many real world events went inactive almost immediately. Finally, modeling started up again (after recovering from a disastrous basement flood that took many years re-do) I have been putting up some benches for a new diorama. I have been a model RRer...
  14. swampdaddy41

    FREE HO Scale Shipping Containers

    One of the easiest of paper models to make are shipping containers. Dozens of sites have free ones, and dozens more sites paid ones. They are not very durable but are super cheap using your computer printer. I brace mine on the interior with basswood beams so I can handle them and move them...