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    waiting their turn

    Sweeeeeeet Found this (Turcot Yard) No date.
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    something new on the eg&e

    I never tire of looking at your work.:thumb: I think its high time you submit those shots to a RR magazine or two:wave:
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    easy does it

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    something new on the eg&e

    WOW! Simply Marvelous. Truly Inspirational.
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    Progress in the pits....

    Very, very cool. I like it!!
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    for the PA1 fans

    Beautiful locomotives. The FA’s and PA’s have always been my favourite ALCO first generation engines. Great modelling and pictures. Nicely done:thumb: :thumb: Thanks for sharing
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    reefer madness...

    WOW!! Art67 this is the most convincing “weathering job” I have seen yet.:thumb: Looks awesome. I hope to be able to do something ½ half as good someday. Very realistic. Very well done:thumb: :thumb: Thanks for sharing
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    test results from the doctor's appointment

    cn nutbar : Simply amazing!!:) Exceptional modeling and photography skills:thumb: . Do you plan to have your own website? Thanks for sharing.
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    Do you have a home layout, belong to a club or both?

    Yes. No.:wave:
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    Will brass tracks and switches work with DCC?

    The answer to your question is: yes
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    Can. Superstore Pres. choice train set

    Since I'm working all week............. Any idea if there will be any left by Sunday? Available at Superstore? Thanks
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    Train Graveyard

    WOW!! Indeed! Anymore pictures? This is worth documenting in details. I don't know if I missed it, but where exactly is this? Thanks and Happy New Year :wave:
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    What does your first locomotive look like?

    Was repainted by a friend in NS. Needs details etc.. It's a long term project. I paid $45.00 for the Bachman train set 4 years ago. I kept the engine (great puller and good slow speed) and tossed away the rest..
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    What does your first locomotive look like?

    My first HO loco: Bachman FT. The Bachman Train set :rolleyes: and DCC got me back in the hobby after "dabbling" in it for 2 years a decade ago.
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    Thanks for the link. Great job on your layout. :thumb: :wave:
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    Again: Nicely done Glen The Blackwater Sub is a club layout, right? Do they have a website?
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    C-liners on the Blackwater Sub.

    Very Nice Glen. :thumb: proto makes fine Canadian models :wave:
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    Can. Superstore Pres. choice train set

    Excellent!! I'm interested too. :) BTW If there's no Loblaws where I live , where could I get one? Thanks :wave:
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    High-speed Montreal to New York

    There's lots of travel back-and-forth between the two cities, but I don't think we will see a high speed link anytime soon. Too much politics :oops:
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    Want to see the Bowmanville show?

    Very nice, thanks for the feast. I enjoyed it .