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    How many model the NE?

    Just curious, after reading fifer's post. How many model the busy NE Corridor? or the Windsor-Ottawa-Montreal corridor? Thanks
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    Which side the resistor?

    The Oregon Light Signal kit's diagram shows instruction for wiring LED. It says to install the resistors on the negative side and the Positive side of the LED is connected straight to the +12 v Is this a typo? For some reasons I would have put the resistor on the "up" side (positive side)...
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    Looking for Canadian Layout

    Looking for HO scale Layout that depicts Canadian railroads. Any links? :confused:
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    Block Detection

    Any ideas how I can make "block detection" on the cheap? :confused:
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    LRC, Turbo where are they?

    Any news from Rapido Train (c) about their LRC Locomotive and Turbo-train? Anyone built the LRC coach offer by them? How did it go? Thanks
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    CP Power

    Pics taken at CP Rail yard in Calgary (Grumbeast will know where!) Heavy Duty power
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    Anyone Models Mont-Tor cooridor?

    Anyone Model Montreal-Toronto corridor? Anyone models the Montreal-Toronto coridor? VIA Rail, CN, CP, GO etc..? :confused:
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    Edmonton Model RR Association

    If you go to Edmonton (Alberta), it is worth it to stop at Fort Edmonton Park, where the Edmonton Model Railroad Association clubhouse is situated. It's a BIG layout with awesome details, scenery and rolling stock. "It is a two-level "mushroom" design, allowing almost twice as much...
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    Alberta RR Museum

    My trip to the AB RR museum
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    My trip to Fort Edmonton AB, (2004)
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    Ho Club layout

    Visited the Qc city HO layout in Ste-Foy. (pics are not great, sorry)
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    Easy Modeling?

    I'm thinking of adding small details to my layout such as these Flange greaser
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    Working on it

    Downtown (Under construction)
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    Traction/ Trolley Site :thumb:
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    Humor time.........again

    Rated all audiences :D
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    Traction link

    Interurban I think you'll like this :D
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    Chat Down

    .or is it my server? :confused:
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    For the "Traction Crowd"

    :) OVERHEAD CATENARY Energy Distribution on the New York, Westchester, & Boston Railway HEAVY ELECTRIC LAYOUTS
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    Answers to your questions....maybe not!

    Found this website. Very technical information and "how to". MODELRAILROAD TECHNICAL INFORMATION Sample features: *Do your trains look like the prototype or toys? See CLOSE COUPLING:
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    BC, Alberta, Sask

    To all forum member ("Gauger"?) in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan: *Do you plan to attend the Calgary "Super train show" on Feb. 19? *BBQ and Trains during Stampede? *Should we try to organize something for those events? A get together? :) What da ya say? :confused: