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  1. subnuke

    Fireball XL5

    I completed this scratchbuilt wood Fireball XL5 several years ago. Now that we have a wood forum and I have plenty of build pics, I thought I would make a build thread to show one of the ways I scratchbuild. I have refined my methods over the past few years, mainly under the influence of pics...
  2. subnuke

    Idiot Check

    Making sure I can upload pics before I show all how daft I am
  3. subnuke

    Canon birds

    Built the birds on the Canon card models page. First up, the love birds. Ken
  4. subnuke

    Silent Running Droids

    Here's the droids from the movie Silent Running. These came from the sfpapertoys site. Ken
  5. subnuke

    Suzuki's Paper Airplanes

    Found this while doing a thorough clicking of a Japanese site. A. Suzuki's Paper Aircraft Laboratory. These are paper airplanes for hand or catapult launch. His English instructions are exceptional. Ken
  6. subnuke

    knitting needle scribe tool

    Here's the scribing tool I made. I started using a small knitting needle I bought from Walmart. They came in a pack of six. The small needle cramped my hands so I made a handle. The handle is from two blocks of 1/2" poplar. I cut a channel in each large enough to hold the needle, then...
  7. subnuke

    Canon dachsund

    I have finally posted my first completed build of something other than a simple building. This thing was a challenge for me. My rat terrier was growling at this thing during the photo shoot. That surprised me because her boyfriend is a dachsund. Guess it just didn't smell right to her or she...
  8. subnuke

    Lurker trying to unlurk

    Hi, I'm Ken and have been lurking this board for several years. I know we should contribute but I have not been able to due to ignorance. I have been struggling with building airplanes but have had little success. I am a scratchbuilder and make models out of wood. You can see some of my...