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    Salvage 1/Vulture

    Hi all. This is my 1:48 Vulture build, designed by Patrick York, from Salvage 1. Why this model? Being a Carolina boy, I felt a need to do an "In Memorium" build for the recently passed Andy Griffith. The obvious choice would be something Mayberryish, but since my interests are primarily...
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    The Great Paper Airplane Project

    Large scale build on steroids. WmM_eNkWiTM
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    I just realized that today is Friday the 13th. Not only that, it's the 3rd Friday the 13th this year. Each one seperated by exactly 13 weeks. Eeeek:eek: If anyone needs me, I'll be under the bed. Was that a black cat I just saw outside?
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    Goodbye Andy Griffith

    For those of you too young to remember, Andy Griffith had a show before Matlock. The Andy Griffith Show. The Best Show Ever. We recently lost Andy. Andy also had a brief stint in sci-fi. For any who are interested I found a model of his ship here...
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    Any Farscape models been created? Oh, a nice ship size comparison chart I found. Original @
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    Newbie Building A Proton

    I have chosen for my newbie build, Leo Cherkashyn's Proton. Its been a long time since I've built a model of any kind, paper or otherwise. I don't know how the members would rate it's diffuculty and even if it should be an easy build there is evey possibility of...
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    Test Using A Paper Camera

    Since I will soon be starting my newbie build, I needed to figure out how to post pictures to the forum. I thought some pictures of a camera I built many years ago would be appropriate. [/ATTACH]test test2 test3test3test3test3
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    Proton configured for Zarya?

    For my first build I am interested in bulding a Proton Configured to carry the Zarya module. If I could find one with the Zarya as payload I would jump for joy, but would be very happy with a Proton of the proper model,fairing,etc. Can anyone help?
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    Hi from a newbie.

    Hi everyone. Off and on through the years I've played around with making models with paper, but nothing with the artistry I have recently discovered here and on other sites. I mean really, it boggles the mind. My primary intrest is Real Space and Aeronutics. I can't wait, after a suitable...