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    new modules

    Been a while since I was last here, been a bit busy. Got a ton of work done on my new module set, here's some pic's.
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    This is why I quit.

    I just tried to post a reply in the On30/advise? thread. Got the "done, freeze", and no reply posted. I tried again, and got " this is a duplicate post". My reply never made it to the thread. As a member, I can simply walk away.....irritated, muttering, tempted to never return. As a Mod, I...
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    Eight Bells, I stand relieved

    Those of you who know me, can see that I am no longer a moderator here. I have done this work for something like six years, and have enjoyed keeping this little corner of the world a comfortable place to visit, and exchange ideas, and accomplishments. I wouldn't trade the experience for...
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    Prototype paint question

    Running boards/roof walks, and tack boards, were they ever painted a different color than the surface they were mounted on?, or were they the same color as their background? This came up in a recent PM exchange, and I can't remember seeing too many color shots of steam era equipment to go to...
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    Lake County Model Rail Road Club

    Open House!! November 15-16, 11:00 AM- 4:00 PM, 107 S Main St., Wauconda, Il. See, for map, and details
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    Trainfest time again

    Trainfest will be here again, November 8-9, at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park, in West Allis, Wi. ( Milwaukee). see, for more information.
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    Athearn's ubiquitous Boat

    Long time back, I decided to take two of Athearn's boats, and bash a larger version. What was left over from that bash, sat around for all those years with "no place to go". I was looking for some parts and came across the "old remains"......this picture is the original bash, the next part is...
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    Z scale decals??

    I know Z scale is only now beginning to gain popularity in U.S. markets, so I don't expect to find much in scratchbuilding supplies available.....yet. Does anyone know if there are Z scale decal sets made for U.S., steam era, rolling stock?
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    Madison, Wisconsin Feb.16-17

    41st annual Mad City Model Railroad Show and Sale. Alliant Energy Center, Exhibition Hall, Madison, Wi. February 16-17 2008. 9:00AM-5:00 PM both days. Seniors (65-over) $8.00 Adults $9.00 Children under 12 $3.00 / under 5 Free! SCWD - Mad City Model Railroad Show & Sale
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    Mall show

    There will be a model railroad display at the Charlestown Mall, in St. Charles Il. on February 9-10. The Lake County Society of Modular Engineers will be there, and I will have my modules with them. For those of you in the area, stop by and "say hello".
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    Freelance: a concept

    Freelance. basicly, for the sake of this discussion, the art of scratching,or kitbashing a structure/bridge/locomotive/whole railroad/etc. from concept, as opposed to, from prototype. Walt Disney once said that things need not be accurate to be believed, just pausible. And what makes something...
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    harbinger of sad things to come?

    For those who remember Shamus, , this sounds like things are not going well for him. He has done this once before, and I have much of what he sold that time. This time, however, he has added information that seems to indicate that we won't be seeing anything...
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    latest project revealed

    My latest project for GCLaser was to take two, 3-in-one modulars kits, a foundation and platform kit, and a smokestack, from Walthers, and build a brewery. The water tank, second floor walkway, covered conveyor, doors, windows, and railings, are laser cut micro plywood from GCLaser. Front:
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    July 4 2006 Independence Day

    Celebrate Independence! Celebrate Freedom! and while you celebrate, think on this... Regardless of what you may hear from the press, and certain politicians, we are now, and have always been where we were needed, when we were needed, with a VOLUNTEER force. We have been sucessful because we...
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    July 2006 RMC

    The July issue of Railroad Model Craftsman was waiting in the mail when I got back from my "trip". The article, "Modeling eastern narrow gauge with the Roundhouse HOn3 2-8-0", by George Pierson, is an excellent kitbash how to. The article, "Styrene as weathered wood", by Harold Minkwitz...
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    Woodland Scenics "Scenic Ridge"

    My co-worker, Jim Allen and myself are building one of the "Scenic Ridge" layouts for a customer. Here's some pictures:
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    micro-trains disconnect log cars

    The Micro-Trains disconnect log cars just came in at the shop. MT # 113 00 710 Very nice! :thumb: The log loads also look very nice. Pete
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    sumpter250 2005 challenge

    I've got a RIX Smalltown USA, Parcel Delivery Service building, some Atlas Passenger platform extensions, and a box of "spare" parts. Add one Signal Tower kit, and I guess I'm ready for the challenge.
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    check this out!

    The model was built by Jim Allen. He also took the photos.
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    logging mallet

    I finally found a photo of one of my favorite locomotives. Originally built as Little River Logging Company # 126, it was returned to Baldwin in exchange for #148. This loco was also featured in Model Railroader in 1962, and the Gem model was also released that year. I have the Gem, and it...